5 Omega-Rich Foods to Revive Dull Skin

5 Omega-Rich Foods to Revive Dull Skin

If your skin is chronically dry, flaky, and dehydrated then you’re probably missing out on a major food in your diet. Omega-3 specifically fights against rough, scaly, and red patches on the skin. Since acne is an upshot of excess oil, by sufficiently moisturizing your skin Omegas can help control the root cause of breakouts.

Have a look at these  5 ultimate omega-rich foods to naturally get the healthiest skin ever!

1.     Salmon

Seafood is a rich source of Omega-3. Having Salmon even twice a week can help you fulfill the recommended daily intake. You can pan-fry, roast, or broil it to your wish. Have it with fresh asparagus, healthy mashed potatoes, and some olive oil drizzled over the top for a full-course meal.

2.     Flax Seeds

Flax seeds, just like hemp seeds are also great to munch on or throw in your smoothies, or a bowl of oatmeal. They have a good source of alpha-linoliec acid that slowly converts to active Omega-3, providing good storage.

3.     Cod Liver Oil

Again a fish oil, is an excellent source of Omega-3. If you’re not fond of other foods in this list, then a tables-spoon of cod liver oil daily in your breakfast will do the trick. Supplements are just as good  but there’s nothing like the real food.

4.     Walnuts

Just one fourth cup of this crunchy dry fruit has around 113% of omega-3 fatty acids in it. They are also rich in Vitamin R!

5.     Brussel Sprouts

If you’re into plant-based foods, then Brussels sprouts are one of the best foods to get your  daily dose of omega-3 from. By cooking even half a cup of these delicious greens, you’ll be consuming 115mg of ALA.

Include these nutritious foods in your diet that will definitely give you plump, beautiful skin.

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