Nutrient Rich Super Foods to Boost Your Energy

super foods

Nutrient-rich super foods aren’t just good for your health; they also boost energy and taste amazing. If you too are looking for such super foods, here are the best ones that taste good and boost your energy.

1.  Oats

Being high in protein, fiber, magnesium, potassium and other minerals, oats account for perhaps the best super food you can have. It is advised that oats should be eaten at breakfast because the fiber in it takes a little longer to digest and stabilizes your blood sugar levels all day if eaten in the morning.

Oats have shown to lower cholesterol and this is the reason why they are considered a heart-healthy food. If you don’t like oatmeal much, you can add it to yogurt, cereal, turkey meatloaf, or simply toss into salads for a nutrition-rich meal.

2. Quinoa

Quinoa has more protein than any other form of grains or rice. Because it’s packed with amino acids, it is considered a ‘complete protein’ food, which is generally found in animals only. Whether you need muscle repair after exercise or a boost in energy levels, quinoa takes care of everything.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are rich in powerful antioxidants, energy-boosting carbs, vitamins A and C, folate, potassium, magnesium, and fiber. Along with phytochemicals found in blueberries, these chemicals boost your immunity, boost energy and lower down depressive symptoms. This ultimately enables the body and mind to recover from cellular injuries and stress quicker.

4. Salmon

Salmon is a great source of protein with lots of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids that help in improving heart health. The energy-boosting qualities of salmon majorly result in improved metabolism and more efficient use of oxygen in the body during workouts. The American Heart Association suggests that salmon should be eaten at least twice a week.

5. Turkey

Turkey is low in fat and a great wellspring of protein. Not only that, it also has amino acid tyrosine which increases the levels of brain chemicals such as dopamine and norepinephrine that improve your focus and keep your mind alert. With vitamin B1 and B12 in it, turkey also eases insomnia and depression and boosts energy.

6. Goji Berries

Goji berries are shown to increase your blood flow which ultimately results in a rapid flow of energy-producing oxygen throughout your body. These berries have also been used in Chinese medicine to lower down stress, arouse energy and mental acuteness for 5,000 years.

7. Almonds

Almonds are a fine source of magnesium which plays an important part in the conversion of sugar into energy. In fact, low magnesium levels in your blood can drain energy and bring sleep problems and leg cramps.

8. Lentils

Lentils are the ultimate power-house of low-fat protein, fiber, iron, potassium, zinc, and folate. They’re also said to be natural mood enhancers because of the mineral called selenium naturally found in them. Research shows that low selenium levels result in bad mood and low energy levels.

Do you feel tired and drained often? Maybe you are missing out on these nutrient-rich super foods that boost energy. Incorporate these foods in your diet starting today and revitalize yourself!

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