People often get confused over which food to eat and which not to eat. Here we are going to mention some of the food items you should avoid eating if you are trying to lose weight or avoid chronic diseases.

Things You Should Avoid EatingSugary drinks

Added sugar or sugary drinks are the worst to have and can cause serious health issues. Your brain doesn’t register sugar drinks as food and people end up increasing their calorie intake. High amount of sugar intake can drive insulin resistance in the body and cause type 2 diabetes or other heart diseases. Instead of drinking sugary drinks, have water, coffee or tea.

Things You Should Avoid EatingPizza

This one might come as a shock, but pizzas are made with unhealthy ingredients. The meats on them is processed and the dough is highly refined wheat and pizza is also very high in calories. Homemade pizza can be healthier to eat, so if you are really craving pizza, make sure you make it at home with wholesome ingredients.

Things You Should Avoid EatingFruit juices

Most fruit juices contain high amount of sugar and are little more than fruit flavored sugar water. Not all the juices are bad, some of them have also shown to have health benefits such as pomegranate juice and blueberry juice.

Things You Should Avoid EatingFrench fries or potato chips

Every one knows that potato chips or french fries can be very unhealthy because these are very high in calories and can cause weight gain. You can boil your potatoes instead of frying them for a healthy alternative.

Things You Should Avoid EatingLow fat yogurt

Yogurt can be very healthy, but some yogurt found in the stores can be extremely harmful for you because they are low in fat, but loaded with sugar to make up the taste. So, instead of having low fat yogurt, choose regular or full fat yogurt.

Things You Should Avoid EatingIce cream

The most delicious food on the planet is also the unhealthiest to eat because it is loaded with sugar. Eating ice cream for dessert is something which you should stop right now because you are just adding more calories. Make your own ice cream at home using healthy ingredients to avoid weight gain or excessive amount of sugar intake.

Things You Should Avoid EatingCandy bars

Candy bars have refined wheat flour, processed fats and are very high in sugar. Candy bars can also make you hungry soon after you have had one because of the high amount of sugar present in it. Try eating a piece of fruit if you are really craving something sweet or have dark chocolate instead.

Things You Should Avoid EatingProcessed cheese

Processed cheese is made with filler ingredients that are designed to have a similar look as regular cheese. This kind of cheese is very unhealthy. Eat regular cheese instead as it tastes good and is healthy.

Things You Should Avoid EatingFast food

Since fast food places only serves junk food which have very little nutrients present in it so it comes as no surprise that fast food is very unhealthy. Fortunately, there have been many healthy food places where you can go and eat to satisfy your cravings.

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