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The Beauty Set You Need to Buy: TokiBox

In our line of work, we come across many beauty and skincare products that we love and admire. Of course, we don’t review them all, but some brands stand out among the rest. TokiBox is one such brand.

Gabriela Park, founder of Toki Box, began her company from her passion of a plant-based, Eco-conscious lifestyle. Born and raised in Romania on a meat heavy diet, Park became a vegan four years ago. Now, with TokiBox, she hopes to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle. Park wishes to help others discover their natural, authentic beauty with the use of Eco-friendly products and healthy foods.

 I feel like I can do that through TokiBox,” Park said, “a cute little gift box that everyone loves, full of monthly vegan necessities.”

Every month, Park and her team collaborate with different brands. This way, subscribers will always receive something new in their package. Her customers have the option to pick the brands they prefer, but Park enjoys adding what she calls “the surprise element.” And when it comes to which brands she collaborates with, she has a particular market in mind.

We always try to use small, local brands, farmer’s market vendors from around New York,” Park said. “But we want to explore outside of the country. Places like Australia and Canada have some nice Eco-friendly brands that we want to collaborate with. We also choose companies that have a cute little back story so our subscribers are informed about who makes their products.”

Why We Love TokiBox

Toki is an Eco-friendly skincare and beauty company. Their subscription box contains all-natural skincare products designed so women can discover their natural beauty – not indulge in harsh cosmetics that are easy to find.

We admire this company for more reasons than we can list, but one detail caught our eye above the rest.

The TokiBox not only includes beauty products, it contains super foods to nourish your body and enhance your beauty from the inside, out. Here at iSkinCareReviews, we are strong believers that beauty starts with a healthy lifestyle. The box contains one super food of the month, so you receive a variety of alluring goodies that may be completely new to you. One month you may receive hemp hearts and the next, maca powder. It also comes with a sweet treat, turning it into a care package you’d expect from a loved one.

Everything in the box is: 

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Organic
  • Eco friendly

We believe that looking after your skin is much more important than hiding it.

–  TokiBox

So…What’s Inside the Box?

You’ll receive eight items inside your TokiBox, also known as a wellness kit on the go. It contains all-natural beauty products and organic foods completely designed for your skin. Their super foods come with a dense nutrient value (as all super foods do) and their skincare products will care for your every natural beauty need. Some of their skincare products are even edible, because “…What goes on your skin is very important on your overall health, since everything that you put on it goes into your blood cells.” – TokiBox.

“Each item in the box is for women who love to discover natural, vegan skincare items and super foods,” said Gabriela Park, founder of TokiBox. But any woman who cares about the health of their skin care can sample and enjoy the products in this box.

The box features 6-8 products at a $70 value with no cost for shipping.

All Natural Skincare Products

Amore Lee Facial Spray 

Toki’s facial spray is made with all-natural ingredients and makes for a hydrating spritz during the hot summer months. It has properties to reduce wrinkles, prevent acne and it smells dee-vine!

Tiani Body Care Lotion 

This lotion is made with natural ingredients and cold pressed essential oils. Cold pressed means the oils have zero impurities which is better for you. It preserves all the properties within the plants and provides more vitamins and minerals for healthier skin and a youthful glow. This is much better than purchasing a fragrant lotion from a drugstore that offers little to no skincare benefits (yes, we’re all guilty of that).

Innisfree Mask-K Beauty Sheet Mask 

Made from the island of Jeju in Korea, this sheet mask is made with natural ingredients and makes your skin feel great when you use it.

Super Foods

Beauty Tea MeMoringa

This tea has a beautiful origin that begins in the Kenyan South Coast and Indian Ocean. According to TokiBox: “Sometimes called the tree of life, moringa contains over 1,000 vitamins.” Moringa tea offers minerals that help produce collagen (which creates firmness and elasticity within the skin). An unlikely product that should be a must in your beauty routine.

Chocolate Macaroon Goods Alive Snack 

This healthy snack tastes much like a chocolate macaroon. The incredible taste proves that raw and plant-based foods are delicious and can be for everyone. I love Toki’s statement on the Goods Alive Snack: “We know how snacking can impact your skin so snacking healthy should be a priority…Perfect for when you need more energy.”

Mahalo Chocolate Bar 

A personal favorite, this vegan bar is made of coconut and almonds and reminds me of the chocolates you pick up at the grocery store during check-out. The taste is such a throwback to people who have been vegans for many years. It’ll awaken your childhood love of indulgent (unhealthy) chocolate bars.

Drinking Chocolate 

There is a theme here…that theme is chocolate.

If you aren’t in the mood for coffee or tea in the morning, may we recommend Nibmor Drinking Chocolate. This can be served hot or iced and if you don’t purchase it from the TokiBox, you’ll see that it comes at a super convenient price -$3! Practically a steal.

A Special Gift Just for You

Statement Necklace

Not only do you get delicious food, wonderful beauty/skincare products and an opportunity to discover new brands, TokiBox complements the set with a beautiful statement necklace made by Toki themselves. It’s as beautiful as the food is delicious.

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