10 Interesting Skincare Myths

skincare myths

A healthy skincare routine keeps your skin lively and sparkling even when you begin to age. This is why it is important to have a good skincare routine based on your skin type.

However, some people give into skincare myths, ending up making regrettable mistakes in the skincare department.

Let’s take a look at 10 interesting skincare myths that many people believe to be true:

1. Skin is affected by your environment

If you wish to develop a healthy skin through an effective skin care routine, the first thing you need to do is get your health checked. Your skin isn’t just affected by the environment, it is actually affected by your health.

2. The more you exfoliate the better

Exfoliation is basically scrubbing the outer dead skin cell layer to allow the new one to replenish. But, exfoliation is harsh and if you do it too frequently, you will end up damaging the new skin on your face. You will begin to face skin rashes, spots and irritation.

3. Steam opens the pores

Your pores never actually open. They just become unclogged because the heat from the steam softens your skin, pushing out the dirt, debris, pollution and oil that settle underneath your skin.

4. Sunscreen is for the sun

Just because the sky is cloudy doesn’t mean the UV rays cannot penetrate and affect you. A minimal connection of the UV rays with your skin leads to a rapid premature aging. So, wear sunscreen even when there is no sun during the day.

5. More SPF= Longer lasting sun block

The SPF’s amount only determines the strength of your sunscreen, not how long it lasts. So, if you want to protect your skin for a longer time, re-apply the SPF after every 2 hours.

6. Cold cream works the best

No, cold creams are not effective and neither do they bring about the results you desire. So, try face oils with essential oils that naturally hydrate your skin at night, boast anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and encourage skin cell replenishment.

7. Botox for every age

No, Botox is NOT for every age. Yes, this is a great option to subdue the wrinkles and face lines on your face but it is an option for people with mature and aged skins. Younger people need to abstain from using Botox since it can actually have adverse effects on their skin.

8. Pop that pimple

Do not pop your pimples. You might think that now that the puss has been removed, the pimple will heal rapidly but popping the pimple actually makes your acne worse. Instead, let the religious cleansing and acne creams handle that department.

9. You can sleep with makeup

That is one of the most ridiculous myths. Always remove your makeup before going to bed as the makeup has oils which settle down under your skin layer. This clogs your pores, inflames your skin and results in breakouts.

10. No one needs toner

Everyone needs toner. Toner deeply cleanses out the last remnants of residue dirt, pollution, and oil that could result in bacteria growth and make your skin breakout.

Now that these 10 skincare myths have been busted, make sure to avoid all these mistakes!

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