Be Proactive and Avoid Mouth Wrinkles Starting Now

mouth wrinkles

As soon as you hit your 30’s the effects of the life you lived start surfacing on your face. The mouth wrinkles occur, as do the deep furrows on your forehead and the crinkles near your eyes. Lines, lines, lines everywhere!

You will probably deny it but the bitter truth is: you are getting older, my friend!

You cannot run or hide away from old age. Neither can you stop time. Does that mean you will shrivel into a wrinkly being in your mid-thirties? (Talk about mid-life skin crisis!)

The ageing process isn’t that fast but when it does begin, there is not stopping it. Unless you have money to spare on surgeries and injections, or less harmful anti-aging alternatives, we suggest you take care of the problem before it sprouts up one fateful morning!

Here are five proactive habits you can adopt to avoid those unattractive mouth wrinkles:

Immerse yourself in water:

Water is the source of life.

Why does this concern the skin? Dry skin is one of the primary causes of mouth wrinkles. They are the reason your skin starts to crack early. Hydration prevents the skin from drying out just like it stops your plants from wilting.

Drink eight or more glasses of water every day. Carry a bottle and put alarms or set reminders so that you don’t get careless about your water intake.

Keep these skincare essentials at hand:

Skincare routines don’t only serve your acne situation. They also keep the wrinkles away by regenerating new skin cells and preventing skin damage that speed up your age spots.

Here are the things you need in your skincare kit:

  • a daily moisturizer to keep the skin soft and supple
  • a protective layer of sunscreen to prevent skin damage – read how to buy and apply sunscreen the right way
  • a night cream to help enhance the skin turnover

Indulge in a facial:

In this era of DIYs you do not need luxurious spas and parlors to get your facial fix!

Exfoliate your skin to scrub off those dead cells through various homemade facial masks. You can either use everyday items like egg whites, yogurt, avocado and coffee or get yourself some readymade charcoal and clay masks.

No matter how busy your schedule is, treat your face with a monthly mask to hideaway those mouth wrinkles.

Pout away those wrinkles:

Hard to believe it but pouting is great for your face!

It is one of the few facial exercises that help tone your face and keeps the skin around your mouth firm and taut. So pucker your lips, make funny faces and smile wide to prevent age lines from residing around your mouth.

You are what you eat:

While there might not be a wrinkle-free diet out there, everything you eat does influence your ageing process. This is why you should eat healthy, get in those greens, fruits and protein to keep your body and face young. Additionally, avoid smoking as it causes the wrinkles around your mouth to intensify.

Are you still waiting for the fine lines to surface? Do something about it before they do!

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