How to Get Rid of Chest Acne in No Time

chest acne

Although most people that have acne tend to deal with it on the face, there are people who suffer from chest acne as well.

Most acne treatments are developed keeping the face in mind. If you have acne on your chest then it is a sign that you have disturbed hormones that are making other parts of your body develop acne. Although chest acne is not visible if you are wearing shirts, they can become quite irritating especially in the summer when you have to head to the beach or wear your favorite halter or off the shoulder tops.

Here is what you need to do get rid of chest acne in no time.

Take regular showers

If you don’t shower regularly, then the humidity caused by the heat will make you sweat a lot. The sweat will most likely cause a breakout on your skin. Also, regular showers can prevent pores from clogging and increasing your acne.

Even if it is cold and you think a shower is not necessary, you must shower because it will remove any bacteria and sebum off your skin. Opt for a body wash that has tea tree oil or aloe extract that will help to reduce acne and help soothe the skin.


Cell turnover is an important process for the skin because the skin brings up the dead skin cells as it renews another layer of the dermis. You must exfoliate and remove all the dead skin cells because they might end up clogging your pores and you will also have smoother skin.

A body scrub for oily to sensitive skin works best to exfoliate, as does a washcloth. If you have active acne on your chest area then make sure to exfoliate that as gently as possible.

Non-comodegenic body lotion

Non-comodegenic is your go-to word for looking up skincare products if you have acne prone skin. It simply means that it is not going to clog the pores. Look for this term on creams, lotions, primers and foundations.

After you have showered, don’t let the skin remain dry, apply the lotion all over the chest area and make sure it gets properly absorbed.

Spot treatments

Spot treat the acne by using topical creams and ointments containing sacylicic acid or benzoyl peroxide that will combat the bacteria on the skin and reduce the breakout on the skin.

However, don’t go for treatments that have benzoyl peroxide over 10% as it can be an irritant for sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera

One of the best natural treatments that soothes the skin and reduces inflammation is aloe vera gel. Apply fresh aloe vera gel all over the chest and let it dry. Aloe vera has anti-bacterial properties that help in removing acne and also heal any redness.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is known to be a great substitute for benzoyl peroxide. So if you want a natural yet powerful treatment for your chest acne, then this does the job perfectly.

Lastly, wear loose and comfortable clothing and keep yourself hydrated so that your chest acne doesn’t get worse.

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