How To Correctly Balance Your Skin’s pH Level

pH level

Your skin’s pH balance is the reason your skin looks better than most people’s in their 50’s. You want to maintain your skin’s natural pH level, as it protects your skin from bacterial infections, by fighting off germs and preventing premature aging. When you are young, pH balance continues to fight against bacteria, eliminating toxins, and helping you look youthful. As you age, you start losing pH balance because it becomes alkaline and make you prone to infections. If you have oily skin, pH balance helps control acne and fights off bacteria. Bacteria accumulate on your skin when ph starts becoming neutral.

It’s possible to lose natural pH balance when you use products loaded with toxins every day. The key to maintaining natural levels of pH is to avoid overloading the face or body with products and not over-washing either. Using products that are right for your skin help retain natural moisture. Products that are pH balanced are effective in maintaining or restoring pH balance. Here are simple tips to restore natural pH balance.

Remove makeup before going to bed

It’s never too late to remove your makeup, which can improve your pH level. Your skin needs to breathe, revive, and rejuvenate throughout the night. Remove every last trace of makeup so that your skin cells or tissues could rejuvenate. Leaving makeup on causes your pores to clog up, and that eventually leads to breakouts.

Sleeping in makeup exposes your face to more toxins from the environment that accumulate on your skin. In that case, it can speed up aging. Each night that you sleep with makeup on, it clogs your pores more. Your face collects a lot of environmental bacteria during the day and you let that harm your face if you don’t remove makeup. They prevent your skin from naturally renewing at night.

Bathe with lukewarm water

This goes for even the winter months. Hot water causes your skin to lose moisture and if you bathe with hot water daily, you run the risk of causing your skin to dry out. Hot water also damages hair follicles and leads to flaky skin.

Bathe with essential oils

Essential oils contain volatile compounds that give their strong aroma and numerous benefits. Use essential oils that suit your type of skin best. Essential oils help you calm down, uplift your senses, make you smell good, and retain natural moisture in skin. Add a few of your favorite essential oils to the bath and enjoy the benefits.

Micellar water

Micellar water helps in cleansing your skin effectively and evens out tone without drying the face. It’s gentle on the skin and you can even clean your eyelids with micellar solutions. Therefore, it’s effective in removing every trace of makeup and dirt off your face. Moreover, if you use miccellar water, you wouldn’t be required to rinse your face. It can help you feel hydrated without leaving any oil residue. All of this can improve your skin’s pH level.

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