Beauty Tips to Know (and do) By 30

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30 is such an important age, it’s termed “The Big 3-0.” Who really knows why there’s so much importance behind it. Yes, according to statistics, 30 is technically when your beauty peaks it all goes downhill from there; 30 is also the age where we become bona fide adults. No more “young man” or “young woman” at 30; not to mention you are halfway near retirement.

So maybe there is some importance behind the infamous 30.

But it’s a funny thing: by the time we reach this milestone age, there is so much we should have done and so much information we should know. For example, all women should own a trench coat by the time they’re 30. All men should have run a marathon. There are hundreds of lists that include items and activities you should know and/or do by the time you turn 30.

So we made a list of our own: beauty tips to know before you turn 30 (though I’m certain such a list exists).

We drank the kool-aid, if you will. These are beauty tips mostly for the ladies, but can, and should also be done by men. We kept our beauty tips short and sweet because we know you have dozens of other “Do This, Own That By 30” lists to review. So here you go. Enjoy.

Beauty Tips to Know Before you Turn 30

Keep your sunglasses close – You should always keep your sunglasses handy because without them, the sunlight will cause you to squint. Squinting causes wrinkles around your delicate eyes, such as crow’s feet.

Always wear sunscreen – I think we talk about sunscreen a lot, but it should often be repeated. Truthfully, you should implement sunscreen at any age – babies included. But as you get older, sunscreen becomes a valuable defense against premature aging. Use broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

Don’t use a straw – A strange one, but the movement made by your muscles can easily create fine lines around your mouth. Naturally, you should continue using a straw at restaurants and other public locations – but overall, minimize the use of drinking with straws.

Buy retinol products – By your 30’s, skin cell turnover slows down and collagen production declines. Wonderful stuff, right? Retinol is an ingredient that supports skin cell turnover and increases the production of collagen. Potential side-effects may occur, so we advise that you read 6 Ways to Reduce Side Effects of Retinol.

Start wearing eye cream – If you wore eye cream before your thirties, amp it up by the time you turn 30. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest, and the first to show signs of aging. This is also why we advise spending extra money on your eye cream. Not long ago, we spoke with aesthetician Brittany Del Toro about the difference between medical grade products vs drugstore. While we don’t expect you to buy all of your skincare products from your dermatologist, eye cream is one that you should. 

Buy a good face oil – Buy a high-quality face oil and massage it into your skin 3 times a week for softness, hydration and to reduce puffy eyes. If you suffer from dry skin, apply it daily. If you suffer with combination, apply it to your T-zone daily, if desired.

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