Beauty Trends We Love and Dislike in 2018

beauty trends

Just like fashion, beauty trends and makeup trends also come and go with the season. These are this years’ best and worst make-up trends that you need to be doing…or avoiding:

Golden Highlighters (love)

The highlighter game has been going strong for quite a few years now but when our girl Riri, aka Rihanna, introduced her Killawatt golden highlighter last year,  people have never looked back.

The metallic golden shade might not be subtle but it is a show stopper on its own. Some people even use it as a golden eye shadow.

Colored Highlighters (dislike)

Remember when everyone jumped on the unicorn highlighter bandwagon? Yeah that is so 2014.

Please stop using colored highlighters and stick to the classic shades such as white or golden. Nobody likes to see a purple or blue highlighter shimmering on top of your cheekbones from across the room. Plus they come out really bad in photographs!

Huge false eyelashes (dislike)

If you are going full glam then it’s understandable to stick on a pair of eyelashes to complete the look. But using heavy and thick falsies every time you head out is clearly going overboard.

Opt for natural or medium thick falsies and steer clear of the heavy and ultra-big ones unless you are doing drag or some photoshoot.

Nose hair extensions (dislike)

This has got to be one of the worst beauty trends that has creeped its way into 2018.  It needs to stop and be murdered dead in its tracks.

What started out as a joke on Instagram turned into this creepy bandwagon everyone started to hop on. It’s neither cute nor attractive and it actually makes you seem like Chewbacca’s distant relative.

Wavy/fishy eyebrows (dislike)

You have a fascination and love for the ocean and seas? Brilliant, please don’t pollute it and don’t poach whales. Also, do not make wavy or fishy eyebrows.

Some things are best kept the way they are and eyebrows are definitely one of them. Unshaped or un-groomed  eyebrows are forgivable but for fishy eyebrows there should actually be a law to make them illegal.

Bright lips (like)

Nude lipsticks and shades made a serious wave the last couple of years but this year it’s back to the classics with some bright lips. Liquid lipsticks with bright and intense colors are all the rage these days and who doesn’t love a pop of color to finish the look?

Even if you are going for a heavy eye makeup look, the nude shade you should opt for should be closer to a pinkish or red tinge.  Stay away from pale lavenders and browns please.

Colored eyeliner (like)

You can’t wear eyeshadow all the time now can you? This is where colored eyeliners come in. This is probably one of our fave beauty trends so far. For those days when you are lazy to do a full makeup routine,  just apply your favorite colored eyeliner and you are done.

At the end of the day, beauty trends always change so do what makes you feel beautiful both inside and out. But seriously ditch the bad ones… pretty please.

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