What Are the Benefits of 24k Gold Skincare Products?

24k gold

Are you wondering why skin products are being dipped in gold? Would you rather buy actual gold then invest in a gold-infused cream? Is this another money-making ploy by the beauty industry? When the 24k gold skin care products were launched there was an outcry by the general public. Eyebrows were raised, heads were shaken, and eyes were rolled. Most women viewed these products as an indulgence rather than a necessity.

After all who can afford to lather themselves in gold?

Probably, Cleopatra and the ancient queens of yore!

History tells us that she actually did that. Cleopatra and many elite ladies of Japan knew that the luxurious item wasn’t just an ornament to cherish but an element used to nourish the skin as well.

What are we rambling about?

The benefits below will make things clear:

Smoothes wrinkles and blemishes

The gold-infused products can reverse your skin’s age. It does so by activating base cells and increasing the cell turnover.

This, in turn, evens out the fine lines and wrinkles that had been created by dead cells. It also reduces the age spots that crop up over the years.

Removes dryness

Is your skin unnaturally dry? Gold can help you overcome the dull, dry lackluster skin. Ions inside the gold accelerate the metabolic reactions of the skin cells. As a result, the inner layer of your skin will feel nourished and outer layer less flaky.

Lightens complexion

Our faces are the most exposed part of the skin. Due to regular interaction with the sun and its harmful UV rays, the complexion gets darker. The compounds present in the gold substance neutralize the reactions and improves the damaged skin tone.

Boosts collagen production

Collagen is an essential part of skin health. It helps keep it supple and flexible. However, with time collagen production declines and causes the skin to become stiff and paper-like.

The antioxidant properties of gold inhibit the constant breakdown of collagen. As a result, the skin retains its collagen levels and keeps looking young.

Combats skin damage

As an antioxidant, gold is able to fight off the skin-damaging free radicals that are emitted by the harmful sun rays. This is why many sunscreen products have started infusing gold in their mixtures.

Other benefits of gold include:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • A firm skin due to break down of elastin
  • Preventions from skin rashes and other allergies with the aid of medicinal properties

In conclusion, we think all these benefits prove that investing in a tub of 24k gold is a wise decision. After all, who wouldn’t want a young radiant looking skin?

If buying the wide range of gold foundations, sunscreens and moisturizers will blow your budget. Then we suggest that you get regular gold facial masks to improve your skin health.

Did we change your apprehensions about the extravagant beauty trend? Or are you still resisting the temptation of this wonderful royal-approved and science-backed skincare regime?

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