Using Body Scrubs for the Softest Skin

body scrubs

You hear a lot about body scrubs; how they’re beneficial, how they’re harmful, and of course, how to use scrubs to exfoliate skin. We know that body scrubs are useful and very important  to add to your skincare routine. We also know that its efficiency depends (primarily) on your skin type . Of course, ingredients matter, too.

We searched endlessly for what experts have to say about body scrubs and how to use them to achieve the softest skin ever. Now, we’re sharing our insights with you in this informative infographic.

body scrubs


How to Use a Body Scrub

It might seem strange not to follow up with a body wash, but you want the nutrients from the body scrub to absorb into your skin – unless you purchase a brand with harmful ingredients. Most body scrubs aren’t only designed to slough off dead skin cells. Many other ingredients are added to treat the skin, so don’t get rid of them so quickly. Don’t forget to rub the scrub in a circular motion to help drain your lymph nodes.

The Benefits

As you know, body scrubs remove dead skin cells: that’s the primary responsibility of these products. Most scrubs also aid in moisturization, because once your dead skin cells are removed, your body lotion or oil better absorbs into the skin for increased hydration. Together, the body scrub and moisturizer will leave you feeling baby smooth. Moisturize throughout the day to reap its full benefits.

What it is

This may sound redundant, but as the infographic says, body scrubs are like face exfoliators, but for your body. Scrubs are also touted for their de-stressing and relaxing abilities. Don’t use scrubs that are too abrasive because this can damage your skin.

How Often to Use a Body Scrub

There are many benefits to exfoliating the skin. It can reduce acne, clear skin and let’s not forget its relaxing benefits. But exfoliating too often can lead to negative results.

Choose the Right Body Scrub

Consider your skin type, learn the size of the granules and read the ingredients. Again, we personally recommend Petal Fresh Reviving Body Scrub with Argan oil & Shea. It can be used on all skin types, but seems to work best on dry skin and sensitive skin. It may also be good for people with combination skin. If you have normal skin, it may not feel as exfoliating, but should work well in the colder winter months.

Petal Fresh also has a Smoothing Body Scrub with Coconut. Both have certified organic ingredients.

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