The skin is our largest organ and it undoubtedly requires a lot of care. Things and factors like sun, pollution, stress, hormones, and unhealthy meals can surely effect our skin leading it to being dull and prone to acne, pigmentation and early aging. Now as soon as any of us see the slightest signs or any of these things happening, we end up spending a ton of money on skin care products and makeup, and all the possible sheet masks. We’re not saying they don’t help, they sure do, but we have a cheaper and a more sustainable solution. Before we dive into it, you need to understand that having skin-friendly diet and consuming green vegetables, fruits and healthy fats is extremely essential to having good healthy skin.

The five foods you need for a glowing skin include avocado, turmeric, blueberries, yogurt and pomegranates.

1. Avocado

They have been part of all the hype and rightly so. Avocados are literally everywhere – in shampoos, face masks, conditioners and moisturizers. This ingredient is extremely rich in antioxidants which is makes it a perfect superfood for your skin. It includes mono-saturated fatty acids which are great for skin, nails and hair, an abundance of vitamin E, and of course magnesium and potassium. It really is the perfect food to tackle all kinds of skin issues as it locks down moisture, slows down the aging process and reduces dullness.

5 Things You Need to Eat for Glowing Skin2. Turmeric

Almost all of us know that applying turmeric to your face mixed with a little bit of yoghurt is the absolute remedy you need to even out your complexion. However, having turmeric as a part of your diet is double as beneficial for your skin. The presence of a fat soluble anti-oxidant called curcumin, works at solving pretty much all skin related problems and ailments.

3. Blueberries

Blueberries are delicious and they save your skin. Isn’t that like the greatest news ever? Blueberries not only save you from breakouts and acne, but also help slow down the aging process and then thats not where it ends. They contain vitamin A, E and C which also have amazing benefits for the skin.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt doesn’t directly effect your skin however, it helps with your gut and digestion. Now remember, when your digestion is smooth, your skin will be less prone to dryness and breakouts. Yogurt contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

5 Things You Need to Eat for Glowing Skin5. Pomegranates

This fruit is a canon ball of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins A, E and C, fibers and folic acid. Pomegranate literally contains three times the amount of anti-oxidants compared to green tea. This helps slow down anti-aging, helps keep acne far away and gives the skin a natural glow.

So now rather than spending all your money on skin care products which claim to bring world peace, we suggest you invest in a better diet plan and go buy some fresh produce.

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