Are Sheet Masks Better Than Traditional Masks?

Are Sheet Masks Better Than Traditional Masks?

We won’t lie, sheet masks have been all the hype and we love using them too! However, are they necessarily better than our traditional DIY or squeeze out of the tube masks? We’re going to figure that out right here, right now!

In case you aren’t aware of what sheet masks are, they are basically thick cloth, paper or made out of cotton and are cut in the shape of a face. These are soaked in oils and serums with essence that absorb into the skin, giving it a nice dewy glow and multiple other benefits. They usually target two main skin care concerns which are hydrating and whitening. However, the sheet mask market has really expanded now. They are highly appreciated and celebrated in the beauty market mainly because of how quick and easy to use they are. You just need to take them out of the pack and put them on your face for maximum 15-20 minutes.

Sheet masks are so highly celebrated in the beauty industry that almost every brand has come out with their own version of it. Snail serum mask, gold gel, fruit infused, green tea and many more types of sheet masks are out there in the market to help combat any skin problem you can possibly have.

Moving on the the traditional wash off masks, it is important to know that these require you to wash them off after they dry out. Now another thing to remember here is that they definitely give you a deeper cleanse. Some of them also act as a scrub or exfoliator depending on its type. However, if you’re a working woman or a mom or just little lazy and need a quick fix, traditional masks are not the way to go. They take a lot of time in their application, preparation and most important finding the right ingredients can be time consuming and heavy on the wallet. All this may not be convenient for some people.

One benefit, however, is that you can apply them to your neck and shoulders rather than having it just on your face like the sheet masks. This gives a more flawless, glowing overall look.

In all honesty, we would recommend using both types of masks based on your requirements and routine. If you have time for a mini facial, the traditional is the way to go. However, if you’re in a rush and looking for a quick glow, we’d recommend sheet masks. Your skin type can also help decide which type of mask is better for you. For oily skin, we recommend wash-off mud masks and others with exfoliating properties. However, if you have sensitive or dry skin, using a good quality sheet mask would be more beneficial.

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