4 Skincare Tips for Makeup Lovers

4 Skincare Tips for Makeup Lovers

Even makeup lovers don’t want to compromise on their skin’s health. It’s a dilemma and you don’t want to give up on either. Fortunately, there is a way for you to enjoy wearing your makeup and looking glam without making your skin lose its radiance or end up breaking out.

Here are 4 skincare tips for all you makeup lovers out there:

Know your skin type

First things first, you must know what type of skin you have so you can buy makeup accordingly. If you have oily to combination skin then you should get water-based foundations, primers and creams. This will ensure you don’t break out and have super greasy skin.

Alternatively if you have dry skin then hydrating ingredients are what you should be looking out for. If you have sensitive skin then you have to be extra careful and get natural ingredients-based cosmetics.

Sunscreen is always a must

Opt for makeup that has sunscreen in it. If it doesn’t then make sure to apply a thin layer before you apply foundation and primer. Day makeup is usually minimal so make sure to use a good SPF 50.

Don’t wear makeup for long hours

You might be rocking an amazing dewy look with that golden highlighter and a winged eyeliner that would put Cleopatra a run for her money had she been around. But you need to wipe all of that makeup off as soon as you are done for the day.

Quality trumps cheap

You don’t have to buy really expensive makeup but you can at least spot the cheap quality ones. Don’t ever buy dupes of famous makeup as they are made of bad quality.

With these skin care tips down, you can doll up without worrying about your skin.

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