Five Facts and Five Myths about Acne

about acne

There are so many myths about acne that it contributes to even more acne!

Let’s educate ourselves about acne and work towards a clearer skin by unearthing these myths and facts:


  1. Makeup will make your acne worse

It all depends on the kind of makeup you use. People with acne have the appearance of large pores and acne itself is caused by clogged pores. If you use oil-based makeup, then it will clog your pores even more. But as long as you are using non-comedogenic makeup and wiping it off properly, you’re good to go.

  1. Washing the face more often will get rid of acne

More than quite a few people are under the impression that washing their face more often will drive the acne away. While two times a day is good, washing it after every few hours leads to nothing. If anything, all that face washing can dry up your skin and cause the sebaceous glands to produce even more oil. So at the end of the day, you’ll have even more acne.

  1. Tanning Clears Acne

Tanning is not a solution to acne. Sure, it has the ability to mask the acne, but only temporarily. Moreover, extreme exposure to sun and that too without sunscreen can destroy the immunity and cause some serious skin issues.

Hence, there is no link whatsoever between tanning and acne.

  1. Popping Pimples Will Help

Popping your pimples and zits actually push bacteria around it and cause it to last longer. It may even encourage some new ones to appear.

Instead, you can try acne patches that deal with this issue. Just put them on your zit and forget about it.

  1. It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

There are so many people who continue using the things that cause them acne because of this myth. While it’s true that some products with actives will cause purging before they began to show results, it’s not true for all the cases.

Usually the purging process occurs in case of oral medications, but it should only happen to a certain point. If moisturizers or sunscreens are drying out your skin horribly, and causing breakouts, you need to stop.


  1. All Zits Are Caused the Same Way

While there are a number of reasons behind acne, the way they are caused is the same. The oil glands overproduce oil which clogs pores. The clogged pores and dead skin attracts bacteria and causes zits.

  1. External Factors Are Equally to Blame for Acne

Most people give up on acne by blaming it on hormones, genetics and stress. While these are the triggers of acne, it is the external factors that spread it. Pillowcase, phone, our own hands are a cesspool of bacteria that spread on our skin and cause breakouts.

  1. Oils Are Bad for Skin

Any product that contains oil is bad for you. Be it mineral oil or even certain essential oils. Look for products that state non-comedogenic on their label.

  1. Acne knows no age

While most people experience acne in their teenage during puberty, it also appears in later years. The former kind is called adult acne.

  1. Stress Can Contribute to Acne

Stress messes up with hormones and ends up producing oil which causes acne. But it only happens to people with acne-prone skin.

These are important facts and myths that you should know about acne, particularly if you suffer from oily skin or acne-prone skin. Knowledge is indeed power, and using it can get you an acne-free life.

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