Fixing Makeup Mistakes

Fixing Makeup Mistakes

People are to make makeup mistakes. There are times when you accidentally mess up your eyeliner or put a lot of bronzer or blush on your face and then you get worried that you will have to do your entire face again because of one mistake. Firstly, it’s okay to make mistakes, especially makeup mistakes! Nobody is perfect. Now don’t freak out because here we will tell you some common makeup mistakes and how to fix them, so that you don’t have to redo your entire look.

Uneven eyeliner

This is the most common mistake people make while applying eyeliner whether you are doing dramatic cat eye or just your simple everyday look. Now let’s talk about how to fix this common mistake. Take a cotton swab dip it in your makeup remover and squeeze out the extra amount of liquid on a tissue. Then carefully swipe the cotton on the area where you want to remove or fix your eyeliner from. By this method you will get your eyeliner fixed without removing it.

Lipstick that won’t come off

There are times when you don’t feel good about the lipstick you are wearing and you want to remove it and put a new one on, but it just won’t come off. For this mistake, take a lip balm and apply it on the color you want to remove then wipe it off with a tissue. Repeat this method until you see that your entire lipstick is gone. Once you see your old lipstick gone, apply another coat of lip balm to keep your lips soft and then put on your new shade.

Bronzer overload

This mistake is also a very common one. Applying too much bronzer can make you look orange. To cover this mistake up, take a large fluffy brush and dip it in a translucent loose powder and buff your bronzer over with it.

Glitter eyeshadow disaster

You used glitter eye shadow for an event and now it won’t come off your face. Take a small amount of face or eye cream and dab it on your face, then take a sponge dampened with water and put it on the area where you applied the cream. This method will help you take all the remnants off your face.

Messed up mascara

You are ready to leave the house and you accidentally rub your eyes or sneeze and you mess up your mascara. The common mistake people make is that they freak out and try to wipe the mascara off with their fingers or a tissue. What you should do is leave your mascara to dry and when you see it has completely dried up, then gently scrub the smudge off.

Smudged lipstick

Take your cleansing wipe and remove your lipstick from the area where you messed it up or use a makeup remover pen only if you have one. Then reapply your lipstick and apply concealer to the outer side of your lips using a lip brush.

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