Foam Cleansers, Mousse Cleansers, Gel Cleansers?!


With the rapid changes and innovations in the beauty and makeup industry, people all over the world have been bombarded with a huge amount of options to select from.

Just like every other skin care product, cleansers have also been highly affected by this change. A wide variety of them are now available in every retail store and shop under its branded or unbranded names.

Because of these multiple alternatives, it has become hard to decode the formula of one cleanser from the other. You may wonder which is best for your particular skin type.

To make things easier and to clarify, we discuss the three common cleanser types that are as follows.

Foam Cleansers

As the name indicates, these cleansers are extremely lightweight as they are available in the form of a a sudsy foam. People consider them best for the oily skin or acne-prone skin. They help to deep clean the skin by absorbing excess oil and sebum. They are also prepared in such a way that they have the quality to calm inflamed skin and remove dirt from your pores. This leaves your skin fresh and clean after its use.

Only a small amount is necessary to cleanse with, and although they are foamy in texture, you don’t need to use an aggressive scrub along with it.

Mousse Cleansers

Mousse cleansers are extremely moisturizing and are non-sudsy. Their formula helps to mildly cleanse the skin. They can also be used to remove makeup and dirt at the same time. Mousse cleansers are best for skin types that are dry and sensitive as it uses the skin’s own natural oils to cleanse and soothe inflammation or redness.

These cleansers are best to use before a face wash and sometimes do not even require the use of water afterwards. You can simply wipe it off with a soft washcloth. Afterwards, use a toner or a facial wipe to remove the dirt particles and residue that is left behind.

Gel Cleansers

These cleansers have a very different texture. They are a thick viscous gel with very little foam, and are often used for milder cleansing purposes. They can cleanse your skin so it does not feel stripped, dry, and/or irritated. Gel cleansers are gentler than soap cleansers and are recommended for people with normal skin.

However, these cleansers can also be used on oily skin or combination of skin because of the active ingredients in them. These ingredients chemically exfoliate the skin and help combat acne.

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