Foot Care for Athletes: The Fit Skin

Foot Care for Athletes: The Fit Skin

Feet are probably the least care for part of our bodies – except when it comes to toenail painting. Being active is a gift to your body; the blood circulation, oxygen intake and stamina coursing through you reaps amazing benefits on the body.

But have you ever wondered how your feet fare? The brunt of the labor is handled by these two soles you’re standing upright on! Check out how to care for your feet when those joggers come off:

Washing and Scrubbing

Be sure to wash and scrub your feet daily to cleanse them of any socks debris and to clean them off the bacteria that’s accumulated during your work out.

Nail Hygiene

If you’re in athletic shoes for a large chunk of the day, you’ll want to keep your nails short, clean and unpainted. In closed shoes, nails hardly get to breathe’ before you put your socks on, layer some Vicks or moisturizer with menthol to keep the blood circulation going.


Professional coaches recommend that their athletes perform a gentle self massage on their feet to keep the muscles loose and tendons nice and malleable.


Performing feet specific exercises keep your feet muscles strong. Hit the gym now ask your trainer for some tips!

Right Shoes

And most importantly, invest in good workout shoes. The comfort and health of your feet are priceless – as the saying goes, if your bed’s not comfortable, your shoes better be!

See? It’s that simple to put off nasty foot problems like ingrown nails or horrible eczema and fungal infections. Take care of your feet – they’ve got a lot to get you through!

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