Do The Beauty Tips our Grandmothers Trusted Work?

Do The Beauty Tips our Grandmothers Trusted Work?

Do you remember seeing Vaseline and Nivea on your grandmother’s dressing table? Remember, how she would always ask you to put some thick lotion on your knees and elbows? Remember, being told off for frowning too much or making silly faces? Well, those were all little pearls of beauty wisdom she was sharing with you.

Grandma Says Moisturizing is KEY!

Dehydrated skin often looks scaly and flaky, and extremely dull. It can also be the main cause for wrinkles and eczema. Moisturize your skin after baths and showers starting, make it a habit she says. How else do you think grandma is so cuddly and her skin is so soft. Your skin is definitely a lot more attractive, plump and supple with consistent moisturizing.

Grandma Says Young lady, Sleep on Your Back!

Everyone has their own comfortable little way of falling asleep. Some sleep on their stomach and some go in a fetal position. Sleeping however you like may be comfy, but making a habit of sleeping on your stomach will surely give you fine lines. If you feel that you really can’t switch your sleeping position, resort to a silk pillow case. That’s less harsh on your skin.

Grandma Says Vaseline is a Must-Have.

Cracked heels? Dry skin? Ashy elbows? Chapped lips? Vaseline is what you need. Its a definite keeping from the 90’s. This thick moisturizing magic pot helps out with most skin related issues.

Grandma Says Stop Rubbing your Eyes! Be Gentle!

Harsh rubbing can lead to broken blood vessels under the eye area most, especially as that skin is very thin and fragile. This can lead to dark circles, dullness and saggy skin under the eyes.

Grandma Says Coconut Oil is The Best!

Most grandmas massage coconut oil into their children and grandchildren’s scalps for healthy, soft manageable hair. Gargling using a tablespoon of coconut can help keep your teeth white and your breath from smelling. Using coconut oil on your knees and elbows is another way to avoid dull grey limbs.

Grandma Says use The Loofa and Exfoliate!

Our grandmothers are usually experts at refreshing their skin with simple tools such as loofas, scrubs and pumice stones.  Even using a soft, slightly textured washcloth to wash your face is a great way to remove dead skin cells from your skin.

Grandma Says Cold Cream is the Absolute Best!

This classic has been on the beauty aisles for so many years and on our grandmothers’ dresser for even longer. The reason of course is that it works! It really hydrates your skin and saves it from the harsh winter dryness.

Grandma Says Sleep on Time!

Sleeping for less than eight hours is definitely not acceptable in grandma’s house. You must sleep on time and wake up on time. The skin regenerates itself at night, hence, lack of sleep can obviously lead to dry and saggy skin.

Now you can’t argue with grandma can you? There is absolutely no need to anyway as she is absolutely right about every single one of these beauty tips. Try them out and see for yourself. No one cares about you more than your grandma anyway!

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