Importance of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Importance of Drinking Water for Weight Loss

Literally for any life issues, we are told to go drink water. Stressed out? Go have water. Skin breaking out? Go have water. Constipated? Go have water. Have a headache? Go drink water. And rightly so girls, rightly so! There are countless benefits of having the recommended amount of water daily such as weight loss, healthier glowing skin and removal of toxins from our body, and better digestion.

As we all know our body is made of about 60% water so to keep it dehydrated is extremely unfair. Every single organ and every single cell in our body requires water. Some of the the basic signs of dehydration are headache, dry tongue, change in urine color (which may lead to kidney problems), breakouts and many more.

Now to answer the question that can water also really help in weight loss? YES. Yes, it sure can.

Multiple studies show that drinking water improves your fat burning rate as it raises your metabolism. You must remember that drinking water before a meal helps you feel satisfied and less hungry. Drinking water helps reduce bloating.

Drinking water also helps with the process of resting metabolic rate which increases the calorie burning speed in the body. Within 10 minutes of drinking water, the speed rises by about 20-30%

A study of overweight women was conducted, where the only lifestyles changes made to these women was increase in water intake. Increasing water intake to over 1 liter per day, over a 12-month period resulted in about 2-3 kg of weight loss. So there we have it! Proof that having water really does help with weight loss.

Drinking water before any meal naturally fills a section of our stomach up, reducing our appetite. This decrease in calorie intake helps lead to weight loss. Another thing to try out is hot water (not hot enough to burn your tongue, lukewarm will do). Having hot water provides your body with the water it needs to replenish its fluids. It also helps improve digestion and relieve congestion. Furthermore, it helps relax your nervous system. Adding a bit of lemon to this tepid water will only increase its benefits. This vitamin C boost helps in the weight loss journey and acts as a great detoxifying agent for the skin.

Now don’t go chugging all eight glasses at once, drink water throughout the day. Eight glasses are the minimum amount you should take, however, it varies person to person. How much you sweat and how much you pee decides the amount of water you should be drinking daily. However, the daily average a person should take is about 8 glasses. So start with that as soon as possible ladies and if 8 sounds like too much then start with 6 and increase it slowly, but be sure to keep your body hydrated to reap all these benefits!

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