Homemade Eye Masks for Beautiful, Attractive Eyes

Eyes are undoubtedly the most important feature of your face. They enhance and compliment your beauty and surely are the windows to your heart.

If you want to enhance the beauty and attractiveness of your eyes without using makeup, dive in to learn about the tried and tested natural homemade eye masks.

1.     Apple juice

Apple contains a rich variety of vitamins that are beneficial for your eyes. It can make your eyes look bigger and more relaxed, and prevent the formation of early wrinkles.

All you have to do is soak a cotton pad in fresh apple juice for about 2 minutes. Then, put the soaked pad on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. You will be surprised to see how relaxed and tension-free, your eyes would feel!

2.     Olive oil and tea bag

The green and black tea bags contain bioflavonoids that work amazingly well to reduce puffiness, swelling, and sagginess in your eyes, making them look naturally beautiful.

First, apply some olive oil on the upper and lower eye surface. Take out a couple of used tea bags from the refrigerator and cover your eyes with them. Sit back and relax.

3.     Potato slices

Potatoes work wonders in removing dark circles and reducing swelling and keeping your eyes hydrated. The skin under your eyes seems to absorb the potato nutrients to give a healthy look.

Simply cut a few slices of a potato and keep them on your eyes. Repeat daily, preferably before bedtime to enjoy a calming beautifying experience.

4.     Rosewater

To use this home remedy, first use castor oil to massage your eyes and soak some cotton balls in the rosewater. Place the fully soaked balls on your eyes and relax. This remedy will make your eyes look bigger and brighter, subsiding all puffiness in no time!

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