Five Indie Brands Worth Checking Out

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As a beauty and skincare blog, we’re always looking for the latest and greatest brands in the skincare industry. Natural ingredients are at the top of our list, and these days, more name-brand companies are selling products with natural and organic ingredients. However, we like to support small brands that put more thought into each of their products – from ingredients right down to packaging. If you like supporting small businesses (and you’re in need of quality skincare products), here are five independent brands you should check out.

Five Indie Brands We Love

1. TokiBox 

TokiBox is an Eco-friendly skincare and beauty company that sells vegan subscription boxes. Each box has 6-8 items that contain skincare products, beauty products, super foods and one piece of jewelry designed by TokiBox. Every month, the wellness box contains different products so you always have a new brand to discover and super food to snack on. We recently received and reviewed our own TokiBox so we know firsthand that this brand is something special. Learn more about TokiBox here.

2. The Delicate Fox 

We haven’t tried this brand, but we like what it stands for. If you have sensitive skin or simply want a gentle skincare product with pure ingredients, look no further than The Delicate Fox. They offer natural products for your skin, hair, face as well as fragrances for your home. All of their products are delicate, natural and organic. Just take a look at their ingredients.  The brand understands the delicacy of our skin, and creates products to nurture it soothingly.  “Made for sensitive hands by sensitive hands…we understand the importance of protecting delicate skin.” – The Delicate Fox.

3. Petal Fresh 

Before I go into this skincare brand, let me first say how shocked I am at how affordable their products are! Just look at the price of their smoothing Coconut Body Butter. And look at the quality of their ingredients. When products are this affordable, we automatically think: poor quality ingredients. That’s not the case with Petal Fresh. All of their ingredients are certified organic and free of the nasty, harmful components we try to steer clear of. Petal Fresh focuses on healthy ingredients made of the highest quality. We recently sampled and reviewed their Argan and Shea Body Scrub and we’re excited to provide you guys with a review!

4. 28 Litsea 

This is the indie brand that shook up my skincare routine. I have never been interested in body oils, because I preferred body lotions. After receiving 28 Litsea’s Top Note Red Ginger Body Oil, I realized that oils are similar to lotions…but better. Christine Cunningham, founder of 28 Litsea, further confirmed this: “Since lotions and creams contain water, you will also find emulsifiers and preservatives in the ingredient list,” says Cunningham, “whereas most ‘clean’ body oils are made up of oils alone. ” Although I still use lotions, my dry skin certainly prefers body oils – at least it prefers this one. Read Cunningham’s story to learn more about her process.

5. Amore Lee Cosmetics 

In our TokiBox, we received the Rose Geranium facial spray by Amore Lee Cosmetics. After trying it out, we reviewed the product so our readers could learn more about this natural indie brand. I can’t live without a facial spray, and this one is special. It acts as a toner and makeup setter. The smell is wonderful, but unfortunately it doesn’t last very long. All products are handcrafted in Canada by brand owner, Raven Lee, and are natural and plant based. Amore Lee Cosmetics offers skincare products, bath bombs and lip scrubs, all at affordable prices. It’s a small company that is certainly worth a peek. 

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