Here’s How to Properly Use Your Jade Roller

jade roller

Do you wake up to tired, puffy eyes and wish you could fix your look without makeup? Enter the jade roller. The jade roller is one of today’s hottest skin-care trends but dates back to the seventh century. While ancient trends resurfacing as today’s hottest fad is hardly contemporary, there’s something special about the jade roller. Beauty addicts everywhere, from high-end models to skincare gurus, credit the jade roller for improving a long list of skincare problems. You have to wonder what it can’t do when you see all of its capabilities:

  • Reduces fine lines
  • Reduces swelling
  • Brightens the skin’s complexion
  • Detoxes your skin through the promotion of lymphatic drainage
  • Boosts your blood circulation (which can improve skin tone, reduce acne and improve other skin problems)
  • Massages your underappreciated lymphatic system

During the 7th century, this little tool that resembles a jade roller was used by Chinese royalty to remove negative chi and ward off bad vibes. Today, the jade roller’s real claim to fame is that it reduces facial puffiness and inflammation by massaging the lymphatic system (a network of tissues and organs that help rid the body of toxins). There’s a lot of stagnant fluid beneath our tissues which gets drained when massaged by a jade roller. When used with other skin care products, the jade roller helps absorb the product into the skin, making it more effective. We recommend using this with your daily moisturizer, facial serum or anti-aging cream to see the difference.

How to Use Your Jade Roller

If you want your jade roller to work as well as the hands of your experienced esthetician, there’s a correct way to use it. It takes a little more expertise than rolling the tool up and down your face for a few minutes, but it’s still a simple process. Every morning, follow these steps for an effective jade rolling experience.

You should always roll your jade roller outward, then inward. Don’t forget to work your upper eyes, your jaw bones and even under your cheekbones. This will create jaw-dropping results.

  1. Put your jade roller in the freezer for a few hours or in the refrigerator overnight. This way, it performs better and it feels nicer on the skin.
  2. Clean your face with your daily facial cleanser.
  3. Apply a serum, oil or cream to your face.
  4. Start at the chin and roll out to your hairline.
  5. Continue at your noise and roll out to your ears (don’t forget to roll the corners of your nose).
  6. If your jade roller comes with a smaller stone at the end, use it to roll the inner corner of your eye, moving out to your temples. Then roll your upper eyes.
  7. Roll the length of your eyebrows out to the top of your ear.
  8. At the center of your eyebrows, roll up to your hairline, spanning your entire forehead.
  9. Roll the middle of your forehead out toward your temples.

It’s recommended to use your jade roller daily and nightly for 5-10 minutes to see results.

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