Korean trends are the next it thing in today’s time, from pop entertainment to beauty, these trends and idols have taken the world by storm literally. Ever wondered how all these K-pop artists keep their skins looking fresh and perfect be it a male or a female, are all these trends really all that?

Plastic Surgery:

One of the major reasons why these trends have blown up more than they should have is because they are something completely different from what we see in our normal day to day life and a completely different scenario from the western media that we have seen since well always, but is that the only factor? Well no, it’s also the fact that Korea is a country that thrives for perfection, be it in beauty or the extreme measures they take to produce amazing songs.  One of the most common trends that Korea as a country has is plastic surgery, yup! It’s very common to have plastic surgery in Korea, they take pride in their work and why not? They have some of the best cosmetics surgery rates in the world.

10-Step Skin-Care Routine:

The most common trend is the 10-step skin care routine, Koreans have a 10-step routine that they use daily before stepping out into the sun and as a person who has applied these products themselves it’s pretty good and leaves your skin looking fresh. It is very time consuming though and if you’re someone who is always on the go, this might create a hindrance. The effectiveness of the products also depends on the part of the world you live in since most of the Korean products take into consideration the temperature and climate of Korea.


Koreans are obsessed with SPF, they put SPF in almost everything they can, but mostly you’ll find it in their beauty products from lip tints to foundations, all carry SPF. Korean’s have very strict beauty standards, from figure to weight to the shape of the face, they are very specific about how they look. They try to emphasis that in their products as well and honestly who wouldn’t mind looking fabulous while being protected from the sun, I know I wouldn’t.

Sheet masks:

The most common and blown up trends are the sheet masks, these sheet masks vary from fruits to vegetables, to snail masks. They have adapted their traditional beauty trends and presented them to the modern world in a different form, which quite frankly is amazing and effective. You will find all kinds of masks, and for all types of skins, the best is the soothing effect and the fragrance that they emit.

These are some of the few Korean trends that have taken over the world in the past 2 years since the K-pop have come into the eyes of the mainstream media and it’s pretty evident that we will continue to see these trends and many more soon.


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