How to Pick the Right Foundation for Different Coverage


Most girls prefer looking like a full coverage queen on some days and glowing angels on others. With the right foundation, it is possible to set the tone of your day because it allows you to feel more confident. Although, there are many different foundation shades and coverage ranges to choose from, it is important to keep a few essentials tips in mind.

Keep Your Skin Color Intensity in Mind

Your skin color intensity is how deep or how light your skin is. It could be a solid medium or on a scale ranging from extremely light, light, medium light, medium deep, normal deep, or very deep. If you are uncertain of your skin color, compare it to someone’s with a similar shade like a model, makeup artist, or celebrity to reach a conclusion.

Try Identifying the Undertone

Wash your face and observe it carefully. Does it look rosy and pink toned or golden and yellow toned? If it is pink toned, it means you have cool undertones and if it is yellow then you have warm undertones. If it seems like a combination of both the colors, it means you have a neutral undertone.

Your Skin Color Vs. The Color of Your Tan

Most people are not always embracing the color of their natural skin for different reasons. When you are choosing a foundation, you must make sure you are choosing the color that is most similar to the color of your skin. If you are a regular tanner, you must choose the color of the tan whereas if you do not, the color should be of your skin color. In addition, your skin tone is different on the different parts of your face, which is why you need to choose a foundation where the sun touches or your base color.

Test the Foundation on Your Face, Not Your Wrist

Pick out three foundations that are closest to your skin color and test them on your jaw line. Whichever color blends into your skin the best, should be your go-to color. The foundation you choose should not be visible on your skin. The purpose of the foundation is to enhance your complexion, not show the products you have lathered on.

Talk to the Professionals

If you are confused about choosing the perfect shade and coverage, you need to talk to the professionals. There are consultants at makeup stores that help you choose the ideal coverage (sheer, medium, or full) according to your preference, the finish (luminous, semi-matter, or matte, and your skin type.

Try It for At Least 10 Days

Do not rush the purchasing process. You need to check out the foundation shades in different mirrors, photographs, and lights. Make sure you are checking the foundation to see how your skin is reacting to it and how it looks on you.


With these tips, you will be able to choose the best foundation according to the color of your skin and coverage. When you are purchasing a foundation, just think of these tips and get your hands on the right foundation!

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