The Best Fall Skin Care Changes to Make


Did you just do your regular skincare routine but your skin still feels tight and dehydrated? Even if you have done your skincare routine the same way you do every day, it may not be as effective because of the weather changes. With changes in weather, your skin begins to react different, which is why you need to alter your skincare routine as well.

When the fall time approaches, you must know about the appropriate changes that need to be made to your skincare routine.

Begin with your cleanser

Changing your cleanser during the fall time would be a smart mood. Clarifying cleansers are the perfect choice for summertime, whereas during fall, your cleanser needs to be gentle on your skin. Look for a cleanser that provides your skin with extra moisture because summer cleansers can make your skin feel tight. The chosen cleanser must make your skin feel comfortable instead of tight and flaky.

Move onto toner

Similar to the cleanser, you need to purchase a toner that allows your skin to feel hydrated, supple, and comfortable. During the summertime, your cleanser needs to brighten your skin, but in the fall time, your toner needs to lock moisture into your skin. When choosing a toner for the fall time, make sure it does not have alcohol as an ingredient because it will dry out your skin. Look for natural ingredients, as they will soothe your skin.

Upgrade to a better moisturizer

It is a known fact that a lightweight moisturizer is recommended during the summertime, whereas, having a thicker alternative is better in the colder months. All the hydration is being sucked out of your skin because of the cold air and heaters, which is why giving your skin the extra moisture it needs is important. If you are leaving your skin dry, it will make wrinkles and fine lines prominent.

Apart from having dry skin, the skin under your eyes will dry out as well, which is why you need an effective under eye cream as well.

Be careful with exfoliating

Your skin will already be producing less oil, which is why you need to monitor your exfoliating routine. You need to do this step to make your skin feel smooth and one toned, but overdoing it can cause your skin to be more irritating and dry. Therefore, choose an exfoliator that is gentler on the skin. If your skin feels too dry, exfoliate once a week only.

Try out hydrating masks

The dry air takes away the moisture from your skin, and applying moisturizer may not compensate that. This why, the best choice would be to opt for hydrating moisturizers. Either choose a store-bought facemask or try some homemade remedies that incorporate natural humectants so your skin is softer than ever.


When the weather changes, it is important for you to keep your skin hydrated especially when it is cold. The best way to keep your body hydrated is through drinking ample amounts of water. With a large water intake and the right skincare products, you will be able to retain your skin’s health without any compromising.

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