Do you have an important event coming up, but can’t get rid of that pimple? Or does your habit of stressing too much always lead to blemishes and marks on your face? The answers to these questions, and all other pimple related queries are the same. These answers help you structure a road-map to the pimple free face that you can’t wait to have. Who doesn’t want to know what exactly it is that they can do to be free from these suddenly appearing pimples which totally ruin your look? Doubtfully anyone. So below are the various steps you can take to be pimple-free!

Keep yourself clean

This is the most common and basic advice one can give, but it is extremely important. If you let your face go unwashed for a longer period of time, then dirt and oil which sits on your skin can actually lead to pimples. This is why using a soft and harmless cleanser or face wash nearly twice a day is quite a necessity. Try avoiding using hot water while washing your face and pat dry from a towel once done.

Restrict the amount of makeup

A lot of you may love make-overs, but you often forget how harmful makeup products can be for your skin. Try reducing the frequency of applying makeup and whenever you do, be sure to clean it afterwards. Avoid covering already existing pimples with foundation that increases the oil content being absorbed by your skin and can actually contribute to “upgrading” your pimple to acne.

Don’t pop it!

As satisfying as popping that pimple seems right now, is exactly how frustrating it will get for you later. Popping or squeezing your pimples can cause scars and marks to be left behind and sometimes may even cause bleeding or infection. Sometimes it can also be a cause to inflammation and can eventually turn into nodules or cystic lesions.

Use tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has been used to deter or remove pimples since ages. It majorly soothes inflammation and scars. However, for some people tea tree oil may not suit their skin type as much. This can cause irritation, so before using too much of it you can mix a few drops of it in your face/body lotion and apply to a little area. See if it itches or feels different than it should, if yes, avoid using it.

Apart from this pimples can be prevented by many other methods as well. These include organic home remedies, a sensible control over your diet, medicine and stress management. If you focus on your skin-care regime and take it seriously enough, pimples should not be an alarming concern for you. However, if you’re one of those people who are likely to start getting pimples as a result of the premenstrual syndrome, try icing them or putting medication if they don’t vanish once your period is over.

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