First and foremost a congratulations and a virtual hug is in order! Congratulation beautiful! Now that you are a mother-to-be, this stage requires a lot of care, precaution and attention.

From what goes in your body to what goes on your face, every single thing is important.

You must realize that once you are a pregnant, your body will go through several hormonal changes. Pregnancy really is a hormonal rollercoaster and a ride on this rollercoaster definitely effects your skin, nails and hair. Now the most important thing to remember here is that using just any skincare or acne treatment during the pregnancy period or while breastfeeding might not be possible. You might not be able to use some of the products you were used to using previously because they may contain ingredients that may be harmful to the baby.

Hormonal changes lead to increased sensitivity which further leads to increased oil excretion or extreme dry skin which can cause acne during the pregnancy. Now don’t think that we can’t treat all these issues during pregnancy, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to check every label and go through the entire ingredient list.

We have compiled a very simple and safe skin care routine for you to follow during your pregnancy.

1. Moisturize

Moisturizing frequently can help reduce itchiness, soothe out the dry skin and avoid stretch marks caused by pregnancy. When you’re pregnant, most of the body fluids are being transferred to the baby hence you feel dehydrated and so does your skin. You should moisture your skin at least twice a day to avoid dryness and flaky skin.

2. Stop using all topical retinoid

By topical retinoid we simply mean any cream or serum you use in your daily skin care that includes retinol or retin-anything. You must stay away from anything that boosts vitamin A. Retinol has the ability to get absorbed in the skin which is why avoiding it would be your best bet as it effects the pregnancy and is not considered safe by many gynecologists.

3. Use Glycolic acid instead of Benzoyl peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is not safe during pregnancy. Using Glycolic acid as an alternative is safer. It helps exfoliate and renew your skin cells and also helps reduce the chances of acne.

4. Be all about DIY’s

I’m sure by now you’ve been told to cut down on the caffeine intake! It’s alright you can get your coffee fix by slathering it on to your skin as much as you like! Coffee scrubs and tea bags for under-eyes pose absolutely no risk during pregnancy (unless the smell makes your nauseous). This also means that using caffeine-enhanced eye creams during your pregnancy is safe for you and the baby.

5. Natural Oils

Rather than using chemical filled creams during your pregnancy, switch to natural oils. Vitamin E, coconut oil and jojoba are especially beneficial. They help sooth and hydrate your skin, and you will really be needing all the hydration possible.

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