3 Tips to Keep Your Feet Looking Hydrated

3 Tips to Keep Your Feet Looking Hydrated

If you’re big on skincare, you probably take necessary precautions to keep your face and hands hydrated.

However, not everyone is habitual of keeping their feet hydrated. They are the most exposed part of your body that are always in contact with the ground. They pick up dust and can get extremely dry which can lead to cracks if you don’t look after them.

Follow these tips, to keep your feet looking hydrated, plump, and healthy. After all, your skincare routine is never complete if you’re looking after them.

1. Wear Socks

Wearing a pair of warm woolen or cotton socks is the best way to keep them from getting dirty. They fully cover your toes and your heels, which can prevent dry, flaky feet. However, because socks aren’t normally worn in summers, winters are the perfect time to shelter your feet with them.

Go big on socks. Aside from when you’re going to bed, you can totally wear a pair all day long. They will keep them covered and protected.

2. Moisturize

The next most important tip is to always moisturize. Hydrating is key to fighting away dryness. Keep a small hand cream or a pocket-size moisturizer with you and apply to your feet whenever they feel arid. If you can’t follow this routine during the day then make sure to deeply moisturize them every day before bed.

3. Weekly Pedicure

Try to slough off the dead skin and clean up all the dust from them at least once a week. Treat your tired, dry feet to a nice, warm pedicure. Clean them up with soap and water, trim your nails, and scrub all the dead skin off. If you stick to this weekly routine you will notice them healthier in a month.

Battle the dryness with these simple and easy tips and your feet will become healthy, pink, and pretty.

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