Reasons of an Acne BreakoutHow wonderful would it be if you knew what you could follow or avoid to ensure that acne doesn’t enter your life? But to many of you it may it seem like acne can occur out of the blue and surprise you. However, that is not true. You can totally prepare yourself enough to be able to avoid the hassle than later finding a suitable treatment for acne might cause you.

The causes of acne range from hormonal to lifestyle and environmental factors. Even though the reason for an acne breakout is either puberty or drastic hormonal changes, they aren’t the only reasons. Acne can occur because of the following reasons:

Interaction with oily substances

If you work around a lot of grease or often interact with oily items, you’re at a greater risk to develop acne. This is because oil sits on the base of your skin and clogs your skin pores. These clogged pores do not only cause inflammation, but also cause the texture of your skin to get oily.

Hair follicles covered with dead skin cells

If you are one of those people who don’t enjoy exfoliating their skin or using scrubs on their body, then you may be victim of a lot of dead skin cells. These cells cover your hair follicle openings, causing discomfort and leading to acne. This layer of dead skin cells also makes your face look extremely dull and un-clean.

Exposure to bacteria

You can never really save yourself from bacteria, these micro organisms can creep into your skin from absolutely anywhere. However, what you can do is take care of your skin and ensure that you keep it clean. Bacteria which settles in your skin causes the redness effect of the acne and also leads to itching because of the dirt that it carries. To try and keep yourself away from bacteria, it is important to take your skin-care routine seriously. Use a cleanser or face wash twice a day, and try your best to avoid going to places which are particularly dusty or dirty.

Hormonal changes

This happens to be everyone’s main cause. Any hormonal reactions in your body that cause your sebaceous glands to produce more than the usual amount of oil may be planting the seeds of acne. Sometimes imbalanced levels of estrogen or progestin can also be a root cause of acne. This is why contraceptive pills can sometimes have acne as side effects. Having said that, women tend to have acne right before their period as a result of the pre-menstrual syndrome, and sometimes this acne can stay during and after their period too.

Apart these four main reasons which are large contributors to acne, other factors such as stress and diet exist too. Even though they don’t cause the generation of acne, they do lead to the worsening of it. Especially foods such as chocolate have long been said to trigger acne to get worse. Hence, if you want to save yourself from dreadful medications and procedures, it’s best to keep some causes in mind right now.

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