Six Ways to Treat Acne Breakouts

Six Ways to Treat Acne Breakouts

Acne can be stubborn and is most likely to frustrate you because it takes ages to fade off. However, it’s not a condition you cannot handle. Acne is very much controllable. With recent and past advancements in sciences, it has been found that acne actually has multiple methods of treatment, and most of these treatments don’t cost a fortune.

1. Creams or gels

The easiest way to apply a medicine is to take the gel or cream version of it. These are not only convenient for a lot of people, but also tend to be more effective since they are applied directly over your acne or blemishes. In scientific terms, these medications are called retinoid drugs. They are high in Vitamin A content and restrict bacteria or germs from entering your open skin pores.

2. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are perfect for those of who prefer oral medication. These medicines attack the bacteria near your skin pores, reduce redness and lessens the inflammation that acne causes. In certain cases, gels and antibiotics have to be used together for effective results.

3. Salicylic and azelaic acids

These acids have the property of fighting and killing bacteria. However, at times azelaic or salicylic creams may need to be used alongside another prescribed medication.  Although they happen to be pretty useful on their own as well. Along with their benefits, these two happen to have side effects such as discoloration and skin irritation.

4. Combined oral contraceptives

A lot of the medication mentioned above cannot be used during pregnancy, and quite often acne is also caused as a result of being on contraceptive pills. These pills can be used by women who are at greater risk of developing acne and acne scars as a result of their use of contraceptive pills. These medicines combine estrogen and progestin. However, it’s a relatively slower process and with the advice of a professional you can also use other acne medications paired with it to fasten the process.

5. Steroid injections

If your acne is more serious than common acne, then you may need to get injected. Steroid injections are most frequently used to treat nodules and cystic lesions. They are injected directly into the target area and may cause thinning of that particular area. However, they greatly benefit those who have gotten treated with it.

6. Isotretinoin

This drug has proven to be extremely useful and effective. Especially for those individuals who have no visible effect of other medications being used. However, due to its serious side effects, skin specialists avoid its use. Side effects include risk of depression, birth defects and even ulcerative colitis.

A number of measures can be taken to avoid and treat acne, and this makes acne very much curable.

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