Are Regular Facials Good for the Skin?

regular facials

So many celebrities swear by regular facials to keep their skin looking refreshed and nourished. Not only that, a facial also helps prevent acne, dark spots, blemishes, and signs of anti-aging, which allow you to display healthy skin.

But facials are much more than that. You see, regular facials have the capability of providing short and long term health and wellness benefits to the skin:

You get the most out of skincare products

If you have clogged pores then you can be sure that even your best serums will not bring you the results that you desire. Regular facials will smooth the skin and clean out pores so that your skin care products will be able to absorb into the skin properly.

Extraction to clear pores

There is a certain sense of happiness and relief that washes over you when you successfully extract blackheads, pores, and pimples. However, a majority of us tend to pick and prod at a pimple or blackhead, which leads to horrible and stubborn facial scarring. Any facial extractions should be done in an extremely hygienic manner so there is no infection from the buildup of bacteria on the skin. Regular removal of gunk from your pores will let your skin breath better and look healthier. It will also lead to fewer breakouts, which automatically translates to lesser blemishes.

Seasonal skin changes

Our skin changes with seasons. This means that you need super hydrating facials in the winter to restore the lost moisture. A facial that works in repairing the skin from sun damage will work better for the summer. A facial in the spring will bring the skin back to life after the dullness caused by the winter and a facial in autumn will prep the skin for the upcoming harshness of the cold days ahead.

Lymphatic drainage

The specialist will give you a face massage using the necessary serums as part of the treatment. This will not only send you into deep relaxation mode, but also promote lymphatic drainage. This means that regular facials will get rid of the toxins and reduce fluid retention. This in turns promotes circulation, leaving the skin glowing and youthful.

You don’t have to get a facial every day; that would be disastrous. You can plan a facial every two weeks or at the beginning of every month for maximum results.

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