How to Correctly Clean Your Pores


Everyone has to go out every day for work or school or literally anything else- it’s almost inevitable. When you go out, you expose your skin to the external air which might be refreshing but it is laden with dirt, debris and pollution. The interaction of air with your skin causes the pollution to settle down on your skin and this ends up clogging your pores.

Now, when you come back home, the first thing you need to worry about is cleaning and unclogging these pores. Why? Because clogged pores are full of dirt which is the perfect environment for the bacteria to grow. And, once the bacteria grow under your skin due to dirt accumulation, your skin will become inflamed and then you will experience your ultimate nightmare- acne breakout.

So what do you do? First things first, you clean your pores thoroughly. To understand how, take a look below at your ultimate skincare guide:

Clean Your Face

The first thing to do as you step inside the house is to wash your face. This is important because your clogs are right there on your face and by simply cleaning it with preferably an anti-bacterial face wash, you will be able to rid your face of the dirt layer that forms on the surface of your skin. Nowadays, you can get your hands on charcoal face cleaners that are perfect because charcoal has an augmented absorbing ability that deeply cleanses the pores on your face.


Scrubbing or exfoliating is essential. The exfoliating particles work effectively in deeply cleansing the pores in your face and expunging out all the dirt and pollution that settles deep under your skin layer. However, it is important to be extremely gentle when massaging the exfoliator on your face as it can often lead to skin damages (if done harshly).

Clay Masks

Clay masks, like pink clay masks, are perfect when it comes to thorough cleansing of your skin. These masks are natural and organic which makes them safe. So, if your skin is super sensitive and reacts to harsh chemicals, you can always get your hands on pink clay masks that are gentle. The mask is basically a finish that eliminates any remnants of dirt, pollution or excess oil that could serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

For more natural remedies, take a look below:

Steam Your Face: Steam offers the ultimate heat your pores need to expand. As they widen, the dirt buried deeply emerges to the surface and you can easily wipe it off.

Lemon + Sugar Scrubs: In 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, mix in a teaspoon of sugar. Now, using your finger tips, massage it on your face. The sugar will work like an exfoliator in scrubbing the dead skin cells off of your face, allowing the replenished skin to come to the surface. And the lemon is citric which is an ideal ingredient to use to even out your skin complexion and cut down any pollution.

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