10 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making

10 Skin Care Mistakes You Are Making

How is it that you can avoid making your skin care difficult to follow? Are there any mistakes at your end which may be disturbing the process of taking care of your skin? These are often asked questions and below are the perfect answers to them.

1. Constantly trying out new products

Naturally, your skin takes time to adjust to a certain product. It is extremely unhealthy if you keep switching your skin-care items to try out newer ones. This puts your skin under the risk of various allergies and side-effects.

2. Stop touching that pimple

If you notice tiny pimples or blemishes on your face, the last thing you want to do is touch them. Touching your skin exposes it to germs that your hand may be carrying, these can settle in your skin pores very easily and cause erratic skin reactions.

3. Thinking that sun-screens don’t actually help

Dropping the idea of using a sunscreen is a huge mistake. Sun-screens are manufactured to help your skin be protected from harmful ultra violet rays. By skipping using it, you are putting your skin under serious risks.

4. Not using moisturizer

Moisturizers secure the water content under your skin. This ensures that your skin remains well-hydrated at all times as not using a moisturizer at all or not using enough of it can make dead cells prominent.

5. Not Drinking enough water

The aftermath of not giving your body enough water is just as hazardous as this issue is common. Hence, drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily is important.

6. Hot showers

Showering for too long under hot water opens up your pores and takes your skin’s natural oils away. Also, remember that you MUST always use a moisturizer after showering.

7. Using chemically advanced products

Additives can ruin your skin instead of making it better. Many skin products use alcohol and sulfate which are strong chemicals and can be toxic for your skin. Sulfate is used in floor cleaners, which is enough evidence to show how harmfully the chemical may interact with your skin.

8. Scrubbing too often and too much

Using body scrubs can be useful because it reduces dirt stuck in your skin’s pores. However, if you scrub too hard or too often, your skin would become scratchy and itchy.

9. Not taking off your makeup

Many of us return from a gathering or meeting extremely tired and think of skipping the makeup removal part and jump into bed. If you’re one of these people, you are causing serious harm to your skin. Makeup can mix itself with oil and dirt under your skin and block your pores.

10. Know which areas to remember

While cleansing you, often forget over look certain parts of your body and face. Remember, to not forget your neck, under your jaw area, the back your neck, the corners of your forehead, ankle bends, and elbow bends.

This way cleaning and taking care of your skin becomes significantly easier. These tips will help you understand how you can avoid these basic mistakes and step ahead on the journey of making your skin look fresher and better!

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