The Importance of Removing Your Makeup Before Bed

The Importance of Removing Your Makeup Before Bed

Why should you remove your makeup before going to bed? Because no one likes inflamed itchy discolored skin. Why should you make your skin go through so much pain when you can easily avoid it just by washing your face at night and removing all the makeup?

Firstly, while sleeping your skin inhales oxygen and refreshes all its cells and pores. If you sleep with your makeup on, oxygen will not be able to get in and refresh the pores of your skin due to which your skin will start looking dull and flaky. To maintain its glow you must remember to wash off your makeup before going to sleep.

Secondly, sleeping on time helps replenish the skin. A late night routine might affect the skin’s health and cause dullness and stress. Keeping makeup on will only make this situation worse as it will clog your pores, causing breakouts and redness. To help counter these issues, you must wash your make up off at night with a gentle cleanser and then moisturize your skin which will help regulate the nourishment process overnight.

Furthermore, removing your makeup before bed also ensures that no unnecessary bacteria multiplies in your pores overnight. Our makeup tends to absorb a lot of dust and pollutants throughout the day which can clog the pores leading to larger more visible pores, redness, acne and eczema. These pollutants also affect the complexion of your skin and leaving it on your skin will lead to a dull-looking complexion the next morning. Taking your makeup off ensures the removal of such dust particles and helps the skin breathe all night.

Another reason to remove your makeup before bed is the growth of bacteria that occurs due to the makeup particles present on your pillows or your sheets. These unnecessary particles allow the growth of bacteria and cause skin problems like acne, rashes and dark circles.

Removing eye makeup helps your tear ducts stay clear, helps your eyes feel clean and light and stop the growth of bacteria which can cause eye infections and redness. This also helps keep away fine lines around the eye area.

So ladies even if you can barely keep your eyes open, dab some cotton on micellar water and clean all that gunky makeup off or better yet just get up and cleanse it off with a gentle face cleaner and lukewarm water.  All the issues stated above can be easily countered by just simply taking your makeup off before bed unless you want a dull complexion and breakouts along with aging sooner than you generally would.

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