Splurge or Save with Skincare products?

skincare products

For skincare addicts, the hardest decision is to save when it comes to skincare products. The reason for this is that these products claim to give you the perfect skin, which makes it hard for people to look away from them. However, most of the time, these products can be on the expensive side. Luckily, we know what skincare products you should splurge on and what products you should save on.

Splurge on:


According to many dermatologists, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is a necessity because it can prevent premature aging, certain types of skin cancers, and sunburns. Moreover, it makes sure you are not getting any type of pigmentations on your skin, but you should make sure the SPF is more than 15. You can apply it all over your body, but keep reapplying it after 3 hours.

Sonic cleansing tools

Sonic cleansing tools are a good investment because they take away impurities, makeup, and dirt from the surface of your skin without damaging it. Instead of using scrubs with abrasive exfoliants that have the ability to strip off a layer of your skin, these tools are the better option.

Anything with antioxidants

Recently, antioxidants have become a popular ingredient in skincare products; however, this does not mean they are in every product. Since they are only in limited products, you will need to splurge on the products that contain antioxidants, but you should know that you would definitely not regret it.

Eye cream

When you look at your face, there is a chance that you can see fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the sides of your eyes because this area shows the signs of aging first. Because of this reason, it is important to splurge on a “well formulated” eye cream so you can save yourself from getting crow’s feet. Here’s a demonstration on how to properly apply your eye cream.

Save on

Cleansing wipes

If you are someone who wears makeup every day, you will use cleansing wipes on a daily basis. These pricey wipes can be easily replaced with affordable towelettes and you will not need to waste your money. This can also be applied if you use expensive micellar water.


If you have an expensive cleaning tool for deep cleansing, you have the freedom to pair it with an affordable cleanser. Your skin needs a gentle cleanser, and this way you will not be denting your monthly budget either. But if you don’t use a cleaning tool, you should splurge on cleansers. Do it the right way with organic products or medical grade products.

Lip balm

Although, taking care of your lips is a necessity, there is no need to spend excessive amounts of money on it. There are affordable lip conditioners that hydrate your lips without you having to splurge. Within a reasonable budget, you can purchase a lip balm that hydrates your lips while it gives your lips a subtle tint.

Face mists

Does it not feel weird to spend a lot of money on “mineral rich water?” Although we love facial mists, you can get the same effect with affordable mists – just make sure the ingredients are pure. If you want to achieve a dewy look, spray your face with rose water to look as radiant as ever.

Do you agree with this list? Tell us what products you would splurge.

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