How to Use the Twin Ball Massager for Youthful Skin

twin ball massager

With the sudden boom of facial massage tools, you no longer need to seek a professional for a good facial massage. Additionally, we’re all more knowledgeable about the benefits that facial massagers provide. We know that they are great for blood circulation, de-puffing eyes, draining toxins, and tools like the jade roller help our skin products penetrate deeper. On iskincarereviews, we talk a lot about facial massage tools. We’re either extremely in love with, or very curious by their benefits. Or maybe we’re stuck in the middle.

We have already looked at:

  1. The Jade Roller
  2. The Kansa Wand 
  3. Crystal Facials (performed by a professional)
  4. Gua Sha (Gua what?)

Yeah, we’re all over it.

It only seems appropriate to look into the twin ball massager and see what it’s all about.

The Twin Ball Massager

This odd and somewhat humorously designed face massager comes with a litany of benefits. On its own, a twin ball massager can even out your skin tone, reduce puffiness and stimulate blood circulation for a more youthful appearance. That sounds similar to every other facial tool on the market, but everyone who has tried it can agree there’s a slight difference.

When you’re in need of a good facial massage to release tension, this little device comes in handy. When used correctly, it’s a perfect deep tissue massage. If you’re someone who stresses easily, you can de-stress with this massager.  Furthermore, if you’re someone who clenches your jaw unintentionally, this device can increase joint mobility. Unlike other facial massage tools, there is no need to apply pressure (you can if you want), just motion. Let the balls do all the work. These metal balls are heavy, yet cold which provides a soothing treatment. 

Products to Apply with the Twin Ball Massager

Oils are perfect to apply with any facial massage tool, and that includes the twin ball massager. We suggest a mixture of carrier oils and essential oils that are known to work wonders for your skin type. If you have a favorite brand oil, like the Derma-e Radiant Glow Oil, that will work lovely alongside your facial tool, as well. After cleansing your face but before you moisturize, apply your oils and follow the application instruction on the package your massager came in. Do this every morning and follow our make-up free tips to head out with effortless beauty.

How Many of these Facial Tools do You Need?

Scrolling through Instagram, we often see skincare addicts with multiple facial massgae tools. So do each of these products serve different purposes? Yes, some do (the derma roller is different than most massage tools, for example) but others are essentially the same, with slight differences and designs. If you currently have a jade roller, there is no need to purchase the twin ball massager unless you want to. According to Denese Coke, owner of eDerma Beauty Services, “The twin baller and the jade roller are similar but not exactly the same…The twin baller can give you a deeper massage than the jade because of the balls. So you can apply more pressure and get deeper into the tissues and force out more toxins while stimulating blood flow”

The twin ball massager and jade roller have set out to achieve the same thing – the twin ball massager just does it better.

You can read our full interview with Denese Cooke to learn more about facial massage tools and their purposes.

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