Summer Makeup EssentialsSummer calls for light makeup. You don’t want to be too harsh on your skin during summers.  Not all products that you tend to wear on a daily basis are suitable for summer. You have to be very careful about what product to buy, so that your face doesn’t end up looking cakey. Invest in all the waterproof makeup you can get your hands on and trust us, you will not regret it.

Wearing makeup can be a serious task during summers. If you don’t have the right products, your face will get sweaty and your makeup will start melting down. This is the reason why people prefer going bare faced during this time of the year, but why deprive your self from makeup just because of the heat. Just get the right kind of products to use and you will be ready to rock your summer makeup face. Now let’s talk about some of the makeup essentials you need in summer.


Sunscreen is the most important product to own in summers. It prevents your skin from getting a sunburn. There was a time when sunscreen used to be very thick and greasy, but now since the beauty industry is growing day by day, they have come up with new different formulas. Now you can use your sunscreen and feel nothing on your face.

Tinted moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer is something which is heavier than a BB cream and lighter than a foundation. It gives your face a very nice glow without looking heavy on the skin.  Tinted moisturizers also offer hydrating ingredients, coverage and SPF which makes it perfect to use during summers. You can try out DermaSet’s 3D Renewal Science. By using promo code “iskincare” you will get $40 OFF and Free Shipping. It is a great moisturizer and an anti-aging product also.


There are times when you don’t feel like putting anything on your face, but you need to look good and presentable. In such a situation, concealers can be a life saver for you. Just add a little amount of concealer on the areas that need to be concealed and you are good to go.

Lip and cheek stain

A lip and cheek stain can give your face a very natural look. Powder blush can end up looking cakey in summers, so its better to go with liquid blushes. Lip stains can stay for hours on your lips and feels very light, so you don’t have to worry about retouching it.


Bronzer is used to contour your face and to give it a nice sun kissed glow. It can also be used to enhance a tan.  Just add a little bit of bronzer on your cheeks, forehead and nose to add warmth and blend it nicely. Bronzers can make your skin look radiant and healthy.

Translucent powder

You might want to add some translucent powder to your face after applying makeup so you don’t end up looking shiny and sweaty. Translucent powders don’t load you up with pigment and make your skin look polished.

Setting spray

A setting spray can work wonders for your makeup. It helps your makeup to stick on for hours. It also helps prevent your makeup from smudging, creasing or fading quickly.

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