Makeup is certainly an art that requires your utmost attention and precision. You really don’t want to mess up your eye makeup or your lip color and end up looking like an amateur.

While most people do a great job with their winged eyeliners and on-point contouring, the major let down is their foundation. An unsmooth and rough application of foundation looks extremely unappealing and just kills the entire makeup look.

If you also struggle with foundation application, here are some useful tips from makeup experts to help you apply your foundation flawlessly.

Choose the Right Shade and Formula

The importance of picking the correct foundation shade cannot be emphasized enough. Even if you know all the tips and tricks of applying foundation like a pro, the wrong shade will ruin everything. You must pick a shade that goes well with your skin tone.

The correct way to choose the right shade is to test a few shades in natural light. This is because natural light helps you see the exact shade and all its undertones perfectly.

If you are unable to find the perfect shade matching your skin tone, buy a shade that is a little darker than your skin and also buy a shade that is slightly lighter. Mix the two together to create the best fit.

Use the Right Tools

A makeup brush set comes with several makeup brushes but the one that is best for foundation application is a rounded fluffy brush with synthetic hairs.

After picking the right shade, the right tool is what you need to ensure that your foundation glides onto your skin effortlessly. Once applied, press the product further into your skin with a damp sponge.

Prepare Your Skin

The key to getting that perfect glowy finish is what you do to your skin before applying the foundation. It is very important to prep your skin and follow a skincare routine before doing your makeup because it makes the makeup application process super smooth and even.

Use the Right Amount

This goes without saying; you must use the right and the exact amount of foundation required by your skin. Not too little and too much, just the ideal amount. You should focus on putting as little product on your skin as needed and then blending it out evenly with a beauty blender.

Follow these tips the next time you do a full-face makeup and get that amazing glowy look!

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