Different Ways You Can Do a Winged Eyeliner

Different Ways You Can Do a Winged Eyeliner

Several emerging trends are affecting different industries; every industry is changing whether it is music, film or cosmetics. The makeup industry has evolved over the years starting from the techniques, products and styles. There are different techniques that are being included in new looks, from colorful mascara to winged eyeliner everything is changing. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to try out different things as everything is available online, all kinds of makeup tutorials; you should just know where to look.

Eye makeup game has changed over the years; there are various different kinds of mascaras, eyeliner styles and eye shadow colors available now. Winged eyeliner has gained increased popularity since all the celebrities are giving different styles a try. It looks great and compliments all kinds of looks. For some women it gives their eyes a dramatic effect and for others they simply want the basic look. It might seem difficult to make a winged eyeliner at first but surprisingly it’s easy to pull off.

Here are some different ways you can do a winged eyeliner:

Thick Winged Eyeliner

This kind of winged eyeliner gives more definition to the eyes; the wing is thicker in this style than the average winged eyeliner. It makes your eyes stand out and makes them look more expressive. This style works for all eye shapes, you can decide on the layer of thickness according to your comfort zone.

Smudged Winged Eyeliner

With this style, you don’t have to worry about making it perfect; the focus is to create a soft subtle look. The effect is supposed to be smudgy so use a black pencil, which is easier to blend. Use a pencil to trace your lashes then smudge the outer corner of each eye and then apply your mascara accordingly. Create a thick line with the pencil and then buff it out, hence giving a soft effect to your eyes.

Small Winged Eyeliner

For those of you who want a simple winged eyeliner, they can play with the length. It can be thick or thin depending on what kind of look you want but the length should be short. This will give you a glorious appeal with shorter edges, combine it with neutral colors all over and viola you are ready. This is a perfect look for a casual day or even if you have to attend some dinner party.

Always choose the eyeliner style which will compliment your overall look, it can be a little easy to mess up especially for beginners but practice can help you create the perfect winged eyeliner. This makeup style looks great on everybody and it goes along with almost every occasion. You can play around with the sharpness, size and placement according to the shape of your eye. It takes a little practice and patience both to start creating glam looks for yourself but don’t give up if you are not able to achieve the look you want in one go. Just keep on trying till you are able to slay your look.

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