Makeup has become a necessity these days. People all around the world love to experiment on their faces. Makeup is a beauty essential for all the women around the world. People need different type of makeup for every occasion. It is something that enhances your natural beauty. For party makeup, you can always go a little heavy on your face and going heavy on your face means you have to own different kinds of products such as a concealer, foundation, eye shadow, bronzer, blush and a highlighter which will make you popping out all night. Here are some makeup ideas for the next party you attend:

Smokey Eyes

One can never go wrong with a smokey eye. Once you have mastered the art of creating a perfect smokey eye, you can create any look you want. To create a smokey eye, take any 3 pigmented shades out of your eyeshadow palette, depending on what color dress you are wearing. Sweep your medium shade all over your eyelids, but stop when you get to your natural crease.

Then apply the lightest shade in the inner corner of your eye. This color is commonly known as a highlighter. You can also apply the same color under your brow. Then start applying the darker shade on the outer corner of your eyes, it should go about halfway down to your lash line and then blend it inwards or upwards. Don’t apply a lot of product all at once. Work in thin layers for better results and then add some eyeliner to your lash line. Apply lots of mascara or you can even put false eyelashes on to give your eye that dramatic effect.

After doing your eyes, use a foundation that matches perfectly to your skin tone and add your concealer to the areas that need to be concealed. As we are doing a smokey eye, you might want to add a lot of bronzer to your face while contouring, then add a subtle touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks and put lots of highlighter above your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose. Apply a nude lip color so that it can go with your look and you are done.

Bold Lips

There are times when you want to wear the darkest shade of lipstick you own. Here, lets talk about how you can rock a bold lip with the perfect amount of makeup. Take your foundation and put it all over your face. Then use a concealer under your eyes. Once you are done with prepping your face, take a neutral color of any cream eyeshadow.

The reason why we are using a cream eye shadow is because it gives you a very subtle glow. Dab your eye shadow on your eyelids and add lots of mascara to your lashes. Highlight your cheeks using a bronzer and some blush, then add shimmering highlighter on your cheekbones. To rock that bold lip color, contour your lips to give them extra volume and then apply your darkest lip color you have.

Ready to pull out this party makeup look? You go girl!

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