10 Ultimate Foods for a Flatter Tummy


A flat belly where one can bounce a marble off is what everyone aims to have!

You can do a thousand crunches for your abs but if you are not eating these 10 ultimate foods for a flatter tummy, you are missing out:

1.     Salmon

Salmon is known for its high omega-3 fatty acid rich content.  It is loaded with vitamin D and other phytonutrients that help in losing weight. Omega 3s are known as the good fats that provide the cells enrichment and help burn off extra calories.

Have it smoked, baked or lightly fried; salmon is your go-to fish for losing weight and keeping a flat tummy.

2.     Eggs

These protein packed nutritional powerhouses should be the staple in your diet for losing the flab from around your mid-section.

Besides protein, they also have another nutrient called choline that speeds up the metabolism thereby making you lose weight.

They are enriched with vitamin B12 and D that provide your cells the energy for a more intense workout as well.

3.     Olive/olive oil

Monounsaturated fats are your best friend for burning your fatty reserves and providing your body with vitamins. Olives are packed with good fats so you must have a handful of them everyday and cook all your meals in its oil.

4.     Whole grains

When it comes to carbohydrates, they usually get a bad rep. But whole grains such as amaranth are essential to a healthy, low cal diet. This doesn’t mean you forget your whole grains as they are fiber rich foods helping keep your insulin levels managed and hunger at bay!

Go for whole wheat, quinoa, oats etc.for a balanced diet and a flat tummy.

5.     Bananas

Potassium rich foods like bananas can actually help maintain a flat tummy and de-bloat it. Just make sure not to over eat them.

6.     Greek yogurt

Yogurt slows down the release of cortisol (stress hormone) that aids in creating belly fat.

Grab a bowl and eat away with your favorite fruit.

7.     Cucumbers

Another de-bloating contender, this water-rich vegetable is only 45 calories, keeping you full and refreshing your body. Eat them as a snack or in salad and these anti-inflammatory green beauties will save your belly from plumping up.

8.     Almonds

Vitamin E, fiber, protein, antioxidants and good fats—what more could you need to get your nutrition and maintain your flat tummy?

Almonds have all of that and so much more. Eat a handful everyday but just make sure they are unsalted or lightly salted.

9.     Lentils

They are packed with protein, fiber and complex carbs that make you stay satiated for longer periods thereby preventing you from snacking on unhealthy things.

Eat them as soups, sprinkle them in salads or use them in place of rice to get your daily carb fix.

10.   Papaya

This vitamin rich antioxidant powerhouse contains an enzyme called papain that helps in digesting hard to break foods in the GI tract.

It is super healthy and promotes weight loss.

So what are you waiting for? Head to the supermarket and get all of these 10 fat busting foods today!

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