Food You Should Avoid When You Have Acne

Food You Should Avoid When You Have Acne

The relationship between food and skin despite being controversial, is very essential. Multiple researches show that diet plays a vital role in acne development. The link between diet and skin is usually formed through the Glycemic Index, this index shows the ranking of foods as per their carbohydrate content and how they effect the blood glucose level.

Carbohydrates with a low Glycemic index value are digested, absorbed and metabolized slower, causing a lower and slower rise in blood glucose. High Glycemic index foods including refined carbohydrates and sugars such as potato chips, white bread, white rice, pasta etc, spike the blood sugar levels. This triggers numerous effects one of which causes rise in blood sugar level which further releases a hormone called Insulin. Having excess insulin in your blood causes the skin to produce more oil and clog the pores, which then triggers acne.

So in short, you should cut down on all the high Glycemic index food items and stick to those which fall in the lower index. Food items such as breads, especially white bread and bagels, sugar, sweetened cereals, potatoes, rice-based pastas, white rice, pretzels, popcorn and rice cakes are a few High GI foods which might trigger your acne.

Another NO on the food list is dairy products. Dairy products also increase the production of hormones which inflame and clog your pores. Milk proteins such as Casein and Whey are responsible for triggering acne along with a few other hormones present in milk. Now if acne is a major concern in your life, finding non-dairy alternatives such as almond milk or soy milk with ensure your calcium intake without acne being a concern.

If you’ve gone to the dermatologist, the first thing you must have heard is cut down on oily food. Yes! Listen to them because all that fast food you’re consuming is effecting your skin. Fast food items are also part of the high Glycemic index, which spikes up your insulin level. Milk chocolate is another NO on the list, however, a great alternative for all your chocolate craving is dark chocolate. This will not only satisfy your chocolate craving, but also help heal your skin and reduce inflammation as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.

Now that we’ve told you about what not to eat, lets move to what you can eat! Foods rich in anti-oxidants help clear out the skin. Pomegranate is a power house of anti-oxidants, richer than green tea and red wine, this fruit helps clear out your skin as it contains an abundance of anti-oxidants, most especially an extremely powerful and exclusive antioxidant called Punicalagin.

Another fruit extremely rich in anti-oxidants is blueberries.

Foods such as lettuce, salmon, almonds, kale and ginger are also rich in anti-oxidants and multiple other vitamins.

So here is what you should take away from all this – stay away from fatty foods, oily stuff and remember to take your greens because what you eat really does decide how you look.

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