Common Mistakes to Avoid as a Keto Diet Beginner

Common Mistakes to Avoid as a Keto Diet Beginner

Ketogenic diet has been all the hype and more since 2018 and it seems to have found its way through 2019! If you’re someone who is looking into it, or someone who is just starting the Keto diet, look out for these common mistakes to avoid as a Keto diet beginner.

It is vital that you understand the basics of the ketogenic diet and how it works within your body. The greater your understanding of things, the less likely you are to make these mistakes.

First and foremost, STOP stressing over the scale

Yes, we understand that checking the scale becomes an inherent act when you’re on any diet, however, stressing over the scale numerics too much will only make the process twice as difficult for you. Every body likes instant results and a drop on the scale. However, we suggest you check the scale once every week. Not more than that ladies. Not every morning for sure. NOPE.

Know the Difference Between Fats and Saturated Fats

As we already know, Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. The intention of this diet is to switch your body to Ketosis which burns fat for energy instead of blood glucose. Choosing the right types of fat to put in your body is essential as taking too much saturated trans fats can increase your cholesterol level and risk of heart diseases. On the other hand, taking healthy fats which are monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fats, raise your good cholesterol. So make nuts, fatty fish and avocado a staple in your keto diet meals.

Too Many Cheat Meals

Dieting can be hard we know that for sure, but treating your self too much can effect your diet. For your body to switch to Ketosis you need a complete cut down of carbs and sugar. Naturally, a cheat meal will typically be high in carbs or sugar. This will take you out of ketosis and then you will have to start all over again.

Gear up For the Flu

As your body transitions from a carbohydrate burner to a fat burner, you are likely to experience the “keto flu” which includes nausea, muscle cramps and fatigue during the first week or two of the Keto diet. If you’re not prepared for this feeling, you’re likely to think something is wrong and give up on the diet entirely. Prepare your body by having meal prep and talking to your dietician about these symptoms rather than just giving up on the diet.

Don’t mindlessly snack out of habit, don’t miss out on your daily dose of veggies and fruits and remember to drink lots of water. You must remember, as a keto diet beginner that none of these mistakes are ones that you can’t ever overcome or get rid of. They all come with simple fixes so don’t give up till you meet your goals.

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