DIY Hair Serum for Thickness and Growth

DIY hair serum

You might have seen a number of ads promoting hair serums or you probably even came across them on various beauty magazines. These hair serums are often deemed as the ultimate hair solution. Whether you want to transform your dull, dry hair or you want it to become thick and strong, serums can come in handy. But are they? Here you’ll find some interesting information related to hair serums that will help you decide. Additionally, we also provide you with a simple DIY hair serum that you can easily prepare at home.

How Does Hair Serum Work?

To cover the basics, a hair serum is a silicon-based product that you use it for coating the surface of your hair. Although they do share a resemblance with hair oils, they work nothing like them.

Unlike hair oils that we apply in the roots of our hair, hair serums are only applied to mid-section or ends of your hair. Generally, women use them for providing shine and softness to their hair and avoiding your hair get tangled. They are also used for making your hair thick and strong.

How to Use Hair Serums

One of the best uses of hair serums is that they keep your hair protected from UV rays, dust, and humidity. They act as a protective layer, protecting your hair from all the environmental pollution.

The best way to use a hair serum is to apply it to your washed hair. Applying it on unwashed hair will definitely defeat the purpose of hair serums considering that they protect your hair from filth. If your hair is dirty already, then what’s the use of applying a hair serum?

The quantity of hair serums depends upon the length and the density of your hair. The ideal thing is to take two to six drops of a hair serum in your palm, rub it between both palms, and apply on your towel-dried hair. Apply the hair serum starting  upwards moving all the way down to the tips of your hair. Make sure to massage the tips as hair serum works magically on split ends, promoting hair growth.

DIY Hair Serum

Ingredients that you would need for a biotin hair serum are two tablespoons horsetail leaf (optional), 2 tablespoons dried nettle leaf, 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel (natural), 10 drops of clary sage oil, 10 drops of lavender oil, 4 capsules of biotin, and 1 cup of distilled water.

You first need to boil distilled water, add the horsetail leaf and dried nettle leaf in it. Turn off the stove and let the herbs stay in the water for 10 to 15 minutes until the water cools down. Now take the herbs out of the water and pour the herb-infused water in a small bottle. Add the drops of clary oil, sage oil, lavender oil, aloe vera gel, and biotin capsules. Shake well until all the ingredients are well mixed. Now apply it onto your hair.

If you want long, thick and shiny hair, this hair serum is your best solution. Go hurry up and prepare it now!

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