6 Tips To Brighten Tired Eyes

tired eyes

Being able to get a full 8 hours of sleep every single night is a super ordinate goal. Not because sleeping is a difficult task, but because being able to achieve this healthy amount of sleep is just not possible. Since most individuals suffer from the “no sleep” syndrome, it begins to show on their face. The dark bags under your tear filled eyes lead to endless questions, when in reality, the only answer is lack of sleep. Luckily, a few make up tricks and tips that can successfully conceal these dark bags, allow your tired eyes to look fresher than ever.

Start by concealing

Your eyes will let everyone know that you did not sleep properly, which is why using a concealer will allow you to dodge the endless questions. Use a good quality concealer that will seal the deal under your eyes because who needs to know about your lack of sleep problem?

A little inner corner action

Choose a shimmery but light eye shadow that will brighten your eyes. Since your aim is to make your eyes look fresh and not dramatic, choose a champagne or iridescent color that would give a natural touch. Apply the chosen color to the inner corners as well as the eyelid.

Line the waterline

Amp your makeup routine with nude eyeliner. This discrete colored eyeliner can easily deceive someone because of how much freshness it adds to your look. All you will have to do is apply the nude liner on your water line (also known as the lower lash line). The color of the eyeliner and its positioning will allow your eyes to look brighter and more awake.

Mascara it up

To make your eyes look fresh, you can curl your lashes and coat it with mascara. Before applying mascara, make sure to curl them so your eye has more dimensions. Then apply a volumizing mascara that will give your eyes a wow factor.

Color in the brows

Take an eyebrow brush and brush your brows. Then, with the help of a super fine tipped pencil, make an outline for your eyebrow shape. With small, feathered movement, start filling in the gaps. Once the gaps are filled in, brush your eyebrow for a blended look.

Highlight the eyebrows

The last thing to do would be to apply a highlighter on your eyebrows. With the help of a concealer, draw around the shape of your eyebrow to make it look more defined and sharpened. Then, below the arch of your brow, add a shimmery color. Make sure you are blending so everything looks flawlessly natural.

Although, these simple makeup tricks will make your under eyes look fresh, make sure you are not solely relying on them. Try getting maximum sleep at night and resort to natural remedies that will fade away the tiredness, and in no time, your eyes will be fresh!

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