Why Use Herbal Vitamin & Probiotic Supplements

herbal vitamin & probiotic

There are different types of supplements that people are prescribed to take almost every day. Usually, these supplements can be purchased over the counter because, often, they come with little to no side effects and are beneficial to your health.

Supplements usually are divided into several different categories. However, this post will talk about three main supplements: herbal vitamin & probiotic supplements.

Herbal Supplements

Herbs have been used for medicinal purposes and now have branched out into skincare, hair care, and dietary benefits. This is because herbs usually have little to no side effects and that makes it easy to use to solve a variety of ailments.

Herbal Supplements Improve Mental Health 

Studies have shown that taking herbal supplements can improve one’s mental health drastically. Herbs such as rosemary are well-known to boost cognitive function and also fight bouts of Alzheimer’s disease.

Significantly Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Cancer, as we all know, can be a fatal disease. Herbs like parsley and apigenin are known to reduce the chances of cancerous cells and tumors from growing and spreading in the body.

They are rich in antioxidants

Foods rich in antioxidants are important to consume since they can easily treat dozens of health issues. The antioxidants present in herb supplements can absorb oxygen and also free radicals which can cause severe diseases.

Vitamin Supplements

Even one bite of a vegetable, grain, or fruit is packed with uncountable vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, it is difficult to consume all of the vitamins that our body needs. This is why we  take vitamin supplements.

Energy levels

Fatigue is, usually, a condition that is caused by a lack of vitamins in the body. This is because the body has to use more energy than is present in the body when people lack the required dose of vitamins.

Reduced stress and anxiety

The body tends to use vitamins to convert into energy which helps regulate our hormonal levels. This also reduces the production of stress hormones and keeps the nervous system functioning properly.

Muscle strength

The free radicals in the body can deplete muscle strength significantly. When you take a vitamin supplement, such as multivitamins, this helps prevent free radicals and maintain muscle strength.

Probiotic Supplements 

To start off, probiotics are live organisms that are found in fermented food, but they can also be found in the shape of supplements. Probiotics work in balancing out the level of bacteria present in the gut, thus promoting a healthy immune system and digestive tract.

Prevention of diarrhea

Taking antibiotics can irritate the gut and lead to diarrhea. Research has found that probiotics can significantly reduce diarrhea that is caused by antibiotics.

Improvement in mental health

Several studies link gut health to mental health, and so it is believed that probiotics lend a helping hand in fixing some of the mental health issues you may endure. Probiotics can help curb depression, anxiety, OCD, and memory problems for at least a month or two.

A healthy heart

Probiotics lower the production of LDL and reduce blood pressure which contributes to the health of the heart in a positive way. A component called bile, which is made of cholesterol, helps with digestion. However, too much bile can release cholesterol into the body, which is then combated by probiotics.

These are just a few reasons you should take herbal vitamin & probiotic supplements on a daily basis. They address a number of health concerns to keep you strong, cognitive and mentally well. Make sure to speak to your doctor before using supplements.

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