Amazing Health Benefits of Avocado

Known as a rather unique fruit, avocado is possibly one of the healthiest fruits, given its exceptional health properties. It is highly prized for its excellent nutritional value, delicious flavor and the rich texture it adds to food.

In today’s times, avocado has gained the status of a superfood, which is not surprising, owing to the variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals it contains. These include potassium, folate, vitamins K, C, E, B6, and B5.

Furthermore, it also contains large amounts of copper, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Here are some amazing benefits of avocado and reasons why you should include it in your daily diet.

They Are Full of Fiber

Fiber is one of the most essential components your body needs to stay healthy and fit. Avocados are rich in fiber that contributes to weight loss, lowers the risk of several heart diseases and prevents blood sugar spikes.

To be specific, avocados contains 7% fiber by weight, which is significantly higher compared to numerous other foods. This makes it an excellent food option to boost your metabolic health.

They Are Loaded With Powerful Antioxidants

Some of the most beneficial antioxidants present in avocados include zeaxanthin and carotenoids lutein that are extremely important for eye health. Numerous studies have revealed that these two antioxidants in particular are linked to reduced risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. This goes to show that eating avocados regularly will protect your eyes from all sorts of diseases and infections.

They Can Prevent Cancer

While there is limited evidence that shows the benefits of avocado for cancer prevention and treatment, some studies have still revealed that it can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy in our lymphocytes. Other research has also shown that avocados can inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.

They Promote Weight Loss

Avocados are lately being referred to as a weight-loss friendly food that helps suppress appetite and is itself very low in calories. They are also low in carbs and high in fiber that helps you lose weight while maintaining a healthy diet.

Time to whip up a delicious avocado salad, no?

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