Most of us love eating citrus fruits, especially oranges, particularly due to their slight acidic and sour taste that is nothing but delicious.

These fruits are also packed full of amazing nutrients and vitamins, which make them incredibly healthy and beneficial for your hair, skin and body.

However, did you know that orange peels or rinds also contain a rich amount of nutrients and minerals that are full of surprising health benefits?

Most of the times, these peels end up going in the trash, which is quite a shame because they are loaded with amazing benefits that you probably aren’t even aware of.

Here are some of the most incredible benefits of orange peels.

Boost Heart Health

There is a compound present in orange peels called nobiletin, which has been associated with decreasing the risk of heart disease and inflammation.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Orange peels have long been used in Chinese herbal medicines for more than a thousand years because of their ability to lower blood pressure.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

The compound ‘nobiletin’ present in orange peels can significantly boost your health by lowering the levels of low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol in your body. LDL is also known as bad cholesterol as a high LDL can result in a buildup of cholesterol in the arteries.

Offers Protection from Cancer

As surprising as this may sound, orange peels have been found to be able to protect you from various cancers, including skin cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. This is primarily because they are a great source of vitamin C and antioxidant properties.

Helps in Weight Loss

Orange peels contain high amounts of fiber and low amounts of calories, which make them extremely useful in preventing you from overeating and consuming a large amount of calories. It also helps prevent obesity by forming adipose tissue in the body.

Prevents Digestive Issues

As orange peels contain non-soluble polysaccharides, they can help prevent a number of digestive issues, including nausea, heartburn, and the formation of dangerous acids in the stomach.

Next time you fancy eating oranges, make sure to eat them whole with the peels!

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